Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Musings ...

Okay ... here are some random thoughts of mine ...

1) Did you ever notice how much I talk? It's like my fingers have have their own voice and when I sit down to type, they need to talk, talk, talk. Not just on my own blog... but on comments I make at all my dear friend's homes! Good grief, I'm an embarrassment to my family! I need to learn to control myself. And it's not just on line that it's a problem, either. My husband and I often find that we are competing against each other to talk our friend's ears off. We are pitiful (notice how I included my husband in on that? I don't want to be pitiful on my own!) It's a shame I love to talk so much.

2) Do any of you have any "pet phrases" you just love to say, and have a suspicion that it irritates the snot out of everyone? Well, my husband says "Cheese and Crackers" to everything!!! EVERYTHING! "Cheese and Crackers, son... that's a big poopy diaper there!" or "Cheese and Crackers ... when did the price of natural gas get so expensive?" or "Cheese and Crackers, honey ... you look great!" -- Frankly, I used to love to snack on Cheese and Crackers ... but not so much any more. Then again... I noticed I say a few things to ad nauseam too ... like, Goodness Gracious! (pronounced Goodness Gwayshus) and Oh my Goodness! So, if you just re-read what I typed ('cause I'm lazy) with Cheese and Crackers and substitute that with Goodness Gwayshus or Oh my Goodness ... well you get the point. Soooooooo... is there anything YOU say that you think has become a Hallmark of all your personal expressions?

3) What would we have done if Blogging was never invented?

4) Isn't being a mother the most awesomist thing in the whole wide world? Who woulda thunk it?

5) Have you ever noticed what a bad speller I am? I wish they let you spell check comments before you post them!

and finally...

5) It's time to go digging through all your drawers, closets, and hampers to find your thinking caps, because tomorrow... I'm going to do something called "Tuesday Toss-up" -- I just love to get into your heads and hear what's rattling around in there. You are such a deep group of people, and always have such profound things to say, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH ... that I'm going to Toss Up either a scripture or thought at you, and let you post your thoughts on it in my comment section -- as in -- the first thing that comes across your heart and mind when you read it. No googling allowed. It's got to be your own thoughts -- whether deep or not so deep -- I can't wait to see all the different perspectives! Goodness Gwayshus I can't wait until tomorrow!

Well, have an awesome day in the Lord... and go make someone smile today!

(yes, I'll shut up now)


Morning Glory said...

What a delightful post! Looking forward to Tuesday Toss Up.

Faith said...

I say - "Oh my word" - alot! And i wish they had spellcheck for comments to. I make terrible typos! Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

kpjara said...

1. Keep on writing!
2. "Whatever!"
3. Standing in line to see the Hand Surgeon for Writer's Cramp or a therapist for lack of ability to perform word release daily!
4. I hope I know one day!
5. Where did I put my thinking cap?

Jeana said...

I'm the blabber mouth in my house. One time we had a couple over, and after they left I commented that the guy talked SO MUCH! My husband's comment? "I didn't notice." Why? because he's used to it! I, on the other hand, noticed because all of a sudden someone was competing for my spotlight.

sarahgrace said...

I say to my sons quite a bit, "Take a chill pill, Dill!" and then my oldest started copying me...

...and I'm looking forward to the Tuesday Toss Up!

Peach said...

Lookin' forward to tomorrow's post. Love the stream of consciousness! It so mimicks my own thoughts sometimes!! My kids could probably tell you what I say most often better than I can, but I think I'll plead the fifth : )

shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

1) I love it! Your comments make me smile. And sometimes laugh out loud!

2) Holy moly!

3) Probably get much, much more housework done.

4) Absolutely.

5) Never noticed, but I will now!

Lauren said...

1)I love them and laugh out loud at your comments, then I show everyone in my family and we all laugh together.
2)Don't talk to me, I'm blogging... kidding... I do say You bet your sweet bippy, but I don't really know why.
3)Inventing blogging?

GiBee said...

Ummm ... it appears that not only can I NOT spell, but I CANT COUNT either! I went from 1 to 5 very nicely, but when it came time to go to point number six, my mind got stuck on five. FIVE FIVE FIVE. Goodness Gracious!