Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday's Toss-Up

Here we are again ... it's finally Tuesday .... Today... it's your turn to post on my blog! It's your opportunity to express yourselves freely (g-rated, please) on the quote I'm posting below ...

But first ... if you live in an area that has been devastated by a tornado (Indiana, Missouri, etc.) or a fire (Texas) ... Please drop me a comment letting me know you're okay! Okay ... here we go...

Directions: Each Tuesday, I will post a scripture, quote, or thought. Most likely, it will be of a spiritual nature. You, in turn, will read it, and pop over to the comments and post the first thought or emotion (feeling) that comes to your mind after you read it. No googling allowed. No search engines, no concordances, nothing, nada, zip... Just you, your brain, and your heart. (Don't worry ... This one is an easy one!)

So... Let's Do It!

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."
Bill Elliot


Morning Glory said...

A good measure of wisdom helps me know that if I hold lightly to all that is earthly, share generously in whatever means I can (whether material or emotional), I will never lose the realization that I helped someone.

sarahgrace said...

Well you can't keep your life, so you might as well give it away for eternal salvation. And I know that Bill Elliot gave away a lot more than that (If it the same Elliot, I am thinking of.)

Chaotic Mom said...

Well, not too deep. Charity came to mind. At first I thought of Bill GATES, not Elliot, and him giving away a ton of money to charities to gain something he may be lacking. Then I read it a second time, but "charity" still stuck with me.

We used to live in KS. Made the best friends there EVER. Even thought about living there after Hubby retires from the military. One of our last weeks in KS, though, the place was torn apart by tornados, we did not have a basement. The love affair with the state was over. We had just revisited the idea of moving there in a few years and BAM, more tornados. I still miss the place, just not the twisters

Shalee said...

(First time visitor via Rocks in My Dryer)

First thought:

"Whoever finds his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." - Matt 10:39

I like morning glory's first thought too. All on earth is going to perish, disintegrate or burn at some point, so there is no need to hold on to it. If it can better suit someone else, you will have helped your fellow man and pleased God all at once.

I do live in KS where we just had the tornadoes. All is well with our family, but there are many who need prayers of comfort for all that was lost to them.

I like your idea of a set day for readers' postings!

Heather Smith said...

I've always loved this quote. I try to remind myself daily to keep my mind on the heavenly not the earthly. Only what we do for Christ will last! I like your site! I'll be back!

Anne Glamore said...

I appreciate the good wishes you left when you dropped by my site, and I am glad to have discovered yours. It'[s uplifting. Thanks!

HolyMama! said...

ok. i read it three times and what is TRULY going through my head...?
What does THAT even MEAN?!
if that's the simple one, then watch my head explode next Tuesday!


kpjara said...

I love this quote.

It reminds me that the things I give (in material or God-given gifts) may appear to be mine; but only to GIVE. If I keep them they are no longer gifts, rather a form of "bondage". I gain in the form of the blessing I receive in 'giving' the very thing I cannot keep.

I love this Tuesday Toss-up because it's such a wonderful and SAFE way to see new and different viewpoints.

Peach said...

It is a great quote, but I have to make sure ya'll know it really came from "Jim Elliot" not "Bill". The editor in me just can't let it go.

I loved what Morning Glory said, and I also think it applies in how I treat my children. If I give of my time, effort and energy -- pouring my life into theirs-- I am essentially multiplying my life and sending them out to tell others about the Lord, too. The end result is eternal.

Chilihead2 said...

If you love them set them free. Or, if it's Billy Elliot (which is a movie I never saw) I'm guessing you give away your dignity to dance with girls? ;)

The Daring One said...

This week I have learned to give away other people's problems that I truly cannot fix in order to keep my sanity. Other people seem much deeper than me to day but that's my current lesson.

Don't borrow trouble and don't take on so many of the world's problems that you lose yourself in the darkness.

GiBee said...

Oh, y'all just keep blowing me away! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

Shalee, Heather and Anne -- welcome to my corner of the world! I hope y'all stay a while!

Shalee -- excellent scripture! Perfect!

Holymama- you're not alone!

Sheri said...

Awww man I missed it! I'll enjoy reading everyone else's interpretations instead!

(Quick thought: I take it as a "Can't take it with you" kind of thing)