Sunday, March 12, 2006

What, Am I CRAZY?

I have two words for you ... two ...

Ti --- erd

Okay... maybe it's really only one word, but when you pronounce it the way I'm feeling ... then it's two words.

So ... tell me something ... what do you get when you take a grandma with two knee replacements, two teenagers, one toddler, three infants, 4 sets of parents (as in ... 8 more people), and four strollers ... toss them into the metro train, walk them up hill all day long, in one very large and hilly zoo?

You get ... Ti --- erd

See? I knew you'd understand. A whole day at the zoo, on an absolutely gorgeous eighty degree day in March with a gaggle of people. That's fun, right there! Yeah, right! Well, it's fun, but you really don't get what you ask for. Apparently, March is still considered WINTER in these parts. Even if you do have a freaky eighty degree day. Therefore, animals are housed inside, ponds and lakes are empty, and lines are plentiful at one National Zoo.

So what did we see? Well ... a lot of pregnant women, a lot of women trying to get pregnant (why do women that weigh 5,000 pounds wear thongs?), one very short giraffe, one small elephant, on very big hippo, a cheetah, a few monkeys, and a mule. Not just any mule... a brown mule. Aha! See, they are very very rare in these here parts! (Not!)

So, after waiting 45 minutes in a line that moved a nano-inch just so I could get a pretzel and soda (I had a fasting blood test that morning, and hadn't eaten ... and it was 3:00!), changing a poopy diaper in a stroller, trying to feed a screaming and hungry child his formula that is ice cold, then changing to solids... because it's easier ... we finally decided to hike back up hill and go get dinner at Famous Daves BBQ. All fifteen of us. On a Saturday night. With three highchairs, one booster seat, four cranky children, two hungry youth, one sore grandma, and eight ti---erd adults.

So, you'd think that after such a full and eventful day, we'd head back home to sleep ... but noooooo ... we're not that bright on the east coast. We all gathered at someone's home and chatted until Midnight.

Aaaahhh Haaaahhh! Now I know what y'all do up so late on a Saturday evening!

And Sunday school was not attended by this one, very tired mom. Although, one very important lesson was learned ... five-month olds don't give a flying hoo-haa about a zoo, an animal, any stinking lines, hills, metro trains, or fellowship. They only want to eat, sleep, poop and pee. And blow raspberries at everyone walking by. Because that's the cool thing to do at five months old.

How was your Weekend???


Lauren said...

My weekend, let's see -
I didn't make your chocolate cake
I still gained weight
I didn't get an eighty degree day
I wanted one
It rained alot
Which means no sun
But always shining is HIS Son
and my faucet is fixed.
Perfect, thanks for asking.

sarahgrace said...

Well, my weekend consisted of a one year old's birthday party, enduring the second migraine in one week and making cookies, while watching the snow fall.
Wish I had the eighty degree whether, I'll let you have the zoo though ; ).

Chaotic Mom said...

I am SO TIRED just reading your post!

My Sunday was frustrating, but DS7 ended up writing out the some verses at church and a 200 word essay on "Why We Go". I'll post that next Sunday, spelling errors and all. ;)