Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Rolled Out of Bed for You...

And basically ... it turns out it was for ME!!! I wasn't feeling well today, so I stayed home, and thought... I'll just stay in bed all day and But ... I snuck out of bed to see what's going on in the blog world and... really ... I am so blown away by all your comments from yesterday's post, that I wanted to take this time to make a few comments back to you...

Mary -- you are so sweet. Your plate is so full with so many kids, and I'm honored that you have time to read my blog, let alone post an encouraging comment! How do you do it all???

Heather -- Funny thing... I can sing in front of church with no problem. But put me up there to make an announcement, or to speak... and my legs get all jiggly, my heart pops out of my chest and into my throat, my hands shake.... so, Here's to hoping the Holy Spirit takes over and I don't remember a moment of that day Hehehehe!

Morning Glory -- Sigh ... my fear is, that ... yes ... you do need to get a muzzle for me.

Susanne -- Thank you so much for your confidence. I am seeking God muchly even as we speak. And you'll hear more about that on my Living Beyond Yourself Post. Do you have a blog?

Faith -- All I have to do is go to yor blog, and I feel calm almost immediately! Thanks for your encouragement... We'll talk about the bracelet!

Diane -- Breathe, honey, breathe! Thank you for your encouraging words. As I go down the line of comments, I'm getting more and more confident that I.CAN.DO.THIS!

Susan --Welcome, welcome, welcome. To my blog, and to my family... the Family of God. If anyone hasn't gone to visit Susan yet, please go... Please Don't Hang Up ...

Stacey -- Thanks for the encouragement... I've been meaning to tell you that I love your choice of music... except the David Crowder Band... The jur's still out on them. I was at a Mercy Me concert a yer ago, and they announced that they were going to go back to their "original" style of music... heavy/hard rock ... I was sad because I love their current style so much. We'll see how it goes!

Kristen -- Funny -- I had just placed those restraints in my bag for the weekend! Thanks for the encouragement!!! If you want a TRUE daily Bible study, then go visit Kim at Hiraeth!

Mamma D -- If we don't have an absolutely fantastic time... I'm coming after you!

Heth - A Noob? Is that a new word, or one that's been around for ages? I seem to have missed that one, but I think I'm gonna like it!!! Yes, God is so stretching me right now. It hurts.

Shalee -- Wanna be my Aaron? Yes, God IS greater than my fear, and with everyone's encouragement, I'm feeling a bit better about it all!

Anne Glamore -- honey, I am so, soooo sorry -- prayers to you and your family!! Can I borrow your sparkly outfit? Can I, huh, huh, huh?????

Kris -- YOU WILL BE THERE? Oh, I feel so much better now. And, PAAAH--LEEZZZ -- how could I do anything without EXCLAMATION POINTS?!!!?!!!?

KPJARA -- Haven't I had enough vomit in my life over the past three weeks? Let's leave Liz Curtis Higgs out of this. She's one of my favorite people in the world and I'd hate to scare her off ... she's rocking hilarious ... and wanna know a secret? I REALLY wanted to do a lesson on BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE, baby! But, I had already committed to something else that I felt the Spirit laid on my heart. Maybe next time. GAAA! Did I really say that?

Perri -- You are so sweet! I hope I do do great things for God.. but did it have to be so soon?

SarahGrace -- Isn't that a song? Yes, it is... I just went and looked it up. It's a Darlene Zschech song that Women of Faith sang -- When I am weak you make me strong, When I'm poor, I know I'm rich for in the power of your name, All things are possible, all things are possible --- THANK YOU for placing that song on my lips!!!

Sandra -- Thank you for commenting on my blog! I am so excited to find yet another blog to go and devour... Hey, all ... go visit Sandra at Diary of a SAHM -- She has an awesome post on prayer, too!!!

Jan -- do you belong to Jeana? 'cause I just love her to pieces!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog and encouraging me. Everyone-- go visit Jan -- she's a new blogger... My Mind...Lost, Strayed, or Stolen -- I'll be devouring your new comments this afternoon! And, YES... my husband tells me I am addicted to volunteering. He thinks the word NO is not in my vocabulary!

Janice -- you mean, you're NOT going to be there? With all your free time, I thought for sure you'd be there! Has everyone visited Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom? She and her twin blog there! Go check them out!

Randi -- can you be available to God, but still throw a temper tantrum about it?

Peach -- STOP!!! You're making me blush!!! Thank you for your precious words of encouragement!!! That's it... I'm gonna make a no-socks rule! I don't want socks flying up at me while I'm speaking!

One last thing... If you haven't read Shannon's post called Remembering, please go. It is touching. It is honest. It is beautiful. And -- something that many, many, MANY of us can relate to. Thank you, Shannon for sharing your heart with all of us! You are the bestest!!!

Finally, here are ALL the words to the song that SarahGrace put on my heart... All things ARE possible!!! You can go HERE to listen to a quick sample... so you can have the song on your heart, too! (It's song #1)

Almighty God my Redeemer, my hiding place, my strong refuge. No other name like Jesus, no power can stand against you. My feet are planted on this rock and I will not be shaken. My hope it comes from you alone, my Rock and my Salvation.

Your praise is always on my lips, your Word is living in my heart. And I will praise you with a new song, my soul will bless you Lord. You fill my life with greater joy, as I delight myself in you. And I will praise you with a new song, my soul will bless you Lord. My feet are planted on this rock and I will not be shaken. My hope it comes from you alone, my Rock and my Salvation.

When I am weak you make me strong,When I'm poor, I know I'm rich for in the power of your name. All things are possible, all things are possible.

I am actually feeling so much better, that I'm going to go and shower and try to go to work for a short period. My son has his 6 month check up today, poor baby!!! Pray for him around 4:15 my time (East Coast) because he'll be getting some yucky shots!


Stacey said...

I actually like the old mercy me stuff, too. I didn't realize they were changing : )

You're too funny!! Have a great day!!

Susanne said...

Gibee: no I don't have a blog. My beloved hubby is a very private person & I think he'd have a heart attack to see things posted out in cyberspace for all to see. He just dosen't get "blogging". But if you ever want to e-mail me I think my e-mail address comes up for you 'cause that is what I put under "web page" for you.

Shalee said...

Same for Mercy Me.

I'm so glad you took the day off! Good girl for not infecting anyone else with germs if that is the case. Feel better and kiss that baby when he cries. You should bring the husband along to kiss you when you cry, too.

And if you buy the ticket, I'll be your Aaron, but for the record, I'm not touching any snakes!

Jeana said...

Oops!I guess you would say I belong to Jan--that's my mom. I had signed in as her to fix some things on her blog, and forgot to switch to my own identity before commenting! How embarassing! But glad you went to see her.

Heth said...

Here: All about noobs

Glad you are feeling better!

Heather Smith said...

Hope you feel better GiBee, now crawl back to that bed so you get well!! Seriously, I'm praying for ya!! Have a good one!

Sandra said...

My favorite Mercyme is "I can only imagine" that song :)

Hope your little one is feeling ok after the yucky shots.

As for you, thank you for being a truly inspiring lady, I love your posts and they make me want to have an even closer relationship with God :)

Now go back to bed and get better soon :)
God Bless!!!

Faith said...

AWWW - my sweet friend. Feel better soon. I wish I were there to get you something to drink - some crackers maybe!

Praying for you.

Addie said...

Ah, Gibee, You gotta like Crowder...they are awesome!

I'm just like you, I can sing in front of hundreds, but speaking in front of 10 makes me NERVOUS!

I can't wait to read your LBY post, You obviously had a Spirit-led moment there with the e-mail!!!

I'm excited to hear how the retreat goes!

Kristen said...

I hope your little guy's appointment went well. Did he get the awful shots?

GiBee said...

Susanne -- I don't get your email address for some reason. That's okay... We'll communicate through comments! And I HEAR YA on the private person thing... my husband is too. He watches a lot of Law and Order SVU and has a very vivid imagination!

Halee -- If you're not touching the snake, and I'm not touching the snake, who is? That means there will be a LOOSE SNAKE in the house!

Jeana -- YOU AND JANET are out to confuse me so badly that I won't know what's up or down!

Sandra -- Inspiring? Did you happen to notice the problem I have with JEST? Sarcasm? Basically, my TONGUE?

Faith -- how'bout Filet Mignon?

Addie -- I didn't say I "don't like them" ... I just said the jury is still out. I'm still trying to DECIDE if I like them or not. Yeah, THAT made a lot of sense!

Kristen -- he did get the awful shots, but he's a champ! (more than his mom!)

GiBee said...

cOkay -- that was supposed to say... SHALEE not HALEE...

Sorry, girlfriend!