Friday, June 30, 2006

Things just never go the way you think they will!

I had every intention of coming to post first thing this morning, but by the time I finished filling out my time card, I had to run to a training class that lasted ALL DAY. Oh, who am I kidding. They cut it short (half day) and sent us me. Sooooo, I drove 30 miles south to pick up my adorable babe, and 30 miles north to bring him home. And it took me 1 hour to get home. HOLIDAY TRAFFIC -- GAAAAHHHH!

Then, I wander into my home, and see a small, 8-1/2 x 11 - ish box waiting for me on my dining room table... CRYSTALS. Silver. Shiney, blingy stuff. I could not resist. So while my boy played happily on the floor (with our stereo system--oops), I plaid with my bling. Organizing it. Toooouuching it. Storing it. Now my head feels like it will explode with so many ideas. I just don't know where to start! (or, WHEN for that matter)

So, after I finished, I fed my little lovey, and tried to put.his.tired.sleepy.self to bed. Uuhh-Uuhh. Not happening. So, I (okay, I'm just a weee frustrated now) stomp back down the stairs, put him and his silky on the floor, and put toys in front of him. I grab my lap top and start reading my emails... when ... four important things happened.

1) My dear, precious son ... well, he laid on the floor and fell asleep. Little rat!

2) I opened my first email from Carol. YES ... CAROL! (Don't you love getting emails from her?) And guess what? She felt so sorry for me over the loss of my dear Connie that she awarded me this, and I HAD to stop what I was doing to share my excitement with you!


Isn't it just beautiful and shiney, and shimmery??? And I love that she likes me. Um, I mean ... my post. That's totally awesome! (You just don't know how long it took me to figure out how to make the graphic take you to the right blog page... ugh!)Thanks, Carol. I'm so honored that your gullible -- no, I mean tender side felt for me and my Connie! Love ya, chica!

3) Then, after I got all excited about my beautiful award ... I found out some awesome news! SUSIE at Bluebird Designs has been at it again!!! A new blogging pal of ours, Susanne at Living to Tell The Story (who, by the way, was a stalker -- er -- lurker -- turned commentor for a long, long time prior to blogging) has gotten herself a new dress on her blog! So beautiful and so her! And, you can read her writings first hand... Seriously, you just can't miss it. Go on over to share a cup of coffee with her and give her some lovin's!

4) Dynamic Securities has contact me via email to inform me that I have just won the Fenosa Award ... a lottery ... for 250,000 euros. Yes, I'm a grand winner! Since I'm already rolling in the dough (HA!) here's the Lottery Number: TSR5678-BGR1034/06and(v); Serial Number: ES- 441-3333-16; and the security file number: ES-689415341P -- If you're short on cash, feel free to claim it! (no, don't do it ... doooon't doooo iiiiiit!)

RATS! The little bugger just woke up. TWENTYFIVEMINUTESNAP. There should be a law against that. There just should. Gotta go. Have an awesome weekend. I'll try to check back soon. As for your blogs ... well ... I'll get to them tonight, friends! After Hunter is SLEEEEEPPPPING.


Susanne said...

Gibee: You so make me laugh! I hope your little guy slept thru the night for you! Thank you for redefining my pre-blog status. I wouldn't want those same police as was knocking on your last blog door knocking on mine for being a stalker! :D

Thanks again, for your beautiful gift, my friend. I'm the same as you were. I keep going there just to look at it, it's so pretty!

Heather Smith said...

Girl, you are so funny! And do you see how quickly August is coming! I mean seriously, this year is flying by! I would love to stay at your house, and I think my sis and her hubby and their two kids are gonna stay with me! Could you e-mail the details of everybody's lodging arrangements? I guess I'll TTYL!
Hope you had a good weekend!!

aggiejenn said...

Congrats on your award! So deserving...since you had us all going there for a while!

RANDI said...

You are right about the need for a law against too-short naps! I say we should impose a 2-hour limit!?!

theresa said...

Playing catch up after being a little ill! Congratulations on your award! So well-deserved too!

25 min. naps? Doesn't he know that's against the mommy blogging rules? It at least has to be an hour! :)