Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Critical Public Announcements

Evidently, I have too much to talk about to be concerned with Tuesday Toss Up ... Again! I promise I'll start back up again soon.

Anyway, I thought I'd bring you a few public announcements ... for your convenience ... and link you all right up!

Announcement #1: [drum roll, please] Org Junkie has "come out" of the proverbial blogging closet. Yes, friends ... she has ... and now that she has "come out" ... I thought I'd fling the closet door wide open by teasing you all ... well, at least those of you who haven't figured it out yet ... she has dropped the name bomb, people! I know that this is such a hard thing to do, and I know she struggled, and I feel somewhat responsible for putting the pressure on her, but now it's out! Why is this hard? Well, because you just never know who's lurking on your blog ... watching. Waiting. Reading every word you type about laundry, spit up, poopie diapers, and dinner preparations. Waiting for the moment in which you slip up and give out personal information ... and BAM ... the next thing you know ... they're on your front door step. Just ask Lauren ... and Jeana! So, skip on over to OJ's and check out her name!!! (I won't reveal it here ... I'll just keep you in suspense a wee bit more).

Announcement #2: So --- Are you on it yet? I'm sure you're thinking ... "Ummm ... On what?" Gaaah! People! You're supposed to be able to read my mind!

Are you on the FAMILY-FRIENDLY BLOGROLL yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Lauren from Created is the master-mind behind this awesome blogroll, and if your blog is family-friendly, avoids using foul language in both your own posts and in your comment section, and the majority of your posts are non-embarrassing posts for people of geriatric age ... hey, Lauren mentioned her grandmother first, not me ... then you can join. And frankly, I'm not sure why you're holding off to do it, after all ... it's free, it's full of other awesome fellow bloggers, and it's EASY. Yes, EASY. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Just send Lauren an email at ffblogroll(at)ahumbleheart(dot)org and include the following in your email:

Your name
Your Blog Title
Your Blog Address
A Short Description of your Blog

You get to use the special graphics she has created, (or you can snag mine as many have asked, or use your own), and she even points you in the right direction on how to collapse it, make it a scroll listing, or customize the color (A LIFESAVER for me)!!! She's just brilliant!

So, I should expect to see a throng of people joining the Family-Friendly blogroll, right? Ummm ... I said THRONG, not THONG. Sheesh ... get your mind out of the gutter, this is a Family-Friendly Blog!

Announcement #3: Well, color me stupid! I just found out, merely by accident, that I was nominated for another award! I am humbled and blessed to have such good friends and readers out there that keep nominating me. And I'm not even paying them!

It would appear that I was nominated for the Chick & Mommy Blogs category in the Blogs of Summer Awards, which is a good thing, because I'm a Chick, AND I'm a Mommy! And for the life of me, I don't even know who these people are, and I don't know how I got nominated, or who nominated me, but however it happened, and whoever did nominate me ... Thank you! Gracias! "Mercy Bow-Coo!" Danke! Mange tak! Mahalo! Toda! Grazie! Arigato! It's an honor just to be nominated!

Announcement #4: Evidently, I had a dead-link, similar to a dead-head, on my blog! And, it's a very important link! It's the one to the Some Gave All web page! I owe a special thanks to Nicole for pointing this out, and telling me how to correct it. Not many people take the time, or even care, to point stuff like that out, but I'm glad she did ... after all ... She's The Girl Next Door!

Announcement #5: I am currently working on creating a special award! Yay! Another award! And, I've decided that I'll be handing it out whenever I feel like it, because I find that when I box myself into a schedule (like the Tuesday Toss Up), something will always come up and cause a nasty kink in my plans. And ... I really hate being kinky in public.

I haven't finalized all the details of "the award" yet (like the name, or the graphic), but it will be awarded to bloggers that post particularly "Outstanding Posts." They can range from spiritual, to prayerful, to stinking hilarious, to frivolous, to deep and touching, to "makes me go 'hmmm'" to "awe, how adorable". As long as it is well thought out and well written (and family friendly), it qualifies. And, it is not limited to only my opinion, or to the small list of blogs (ehem -- 70-something) that I read, either. If YOU run across any particularly Outstanding Posts that you think I should read, and would like to nominate for the currently "un-named" award, just email me.

Announcement #6: I am THIS CLOSE to finding someone else to blog with. Blogger won't even let me go to the photo upload page today, giving me the message "The page cannot be displayed" -- yeah, well, I don't want to see that. I want to see my pictures. The nerve! Don't push me, Blogger! DON'T PUSH ME. (as my dear friend Kim says... itsfreeitsfreeitsfreeitsfreeitsfreeitsfree)

Announcement #7: Another brilliant friend of mine (brilliance runs in circles, you know!) hosts the now, all famous Works For Me Wednesday ... which has provided me with a WEALTH of knowledge that runs the gamete from removing stains, to organizational tips, to menu planning, to kitchen tips (which, by the way, are right up there with Paula Deene's tips), to safety tips, to Scripture memory, to ... well ... you get the idea!

Anyway ... it's tomorrow ... so make sure you visit Shannon from Rocks to get the latest links to the hottest tips on the internet! Frankly, Shannon Rocks in my book.

Well, that about wraps up my long list of public announcements. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress. (It seems that I use that line much to often, doesn't it?)

Have a blessed day in our Lord Savior ... and BE A BLESSING to someone today!


org junkie said...

Gibee, you are hilarious. Just after I posted my name on the blog a car drove up and parked outside my house. The fellow just sat there for about 20 minutes (???). I turned to my hubbie and said "oh my gosh they've found me already". LOL. Love your announcments. I too haven't come up with my Tackle it Tuesday project so I'd better get my bottom in gear. Have a great day!

Susanne said...

You're hilarious! Thank you for those announcements. Do you do the announcements for your church? If not, you should. Maybe people would actually listen to them then! :D Maybe I'll have to email your leadership and put in a good word!?

Tess said...


yep, that's why I stick w/ Blogger too

GiBee said...

Laura -- Oh, my gosh -- I'm so embarassed -- that was me! You see, visit Chilihead wouldn't loan me her Groucho Marx glasses, so I was forced to dress like a man to check out how organized your home REALLY is! hehe. Sorry I scared you!

Susanne -- every now and then, I find a funny bone in my body. No, I do NOT do announcements at church, nor do I have a desire to, so let's keep it between the two of us!

Tess -- yeah -- itsfreeitsfreeitsfree ... and yeah ... I'm "stuck." Typepad should have a "free version" for the little people like us, who never aim to be as important and big in blogdom as visit Shannon from Rocks!

Has anyone tried the Southwestern Salad at McDonald's yet? The dressing is burning a hole in my tongue!

Morning Glory said...

Oh my goodness! I need to sit down and catch my breath now. Did you take a breath in between paragraphs? Do you need CPR?

You never fail to bring me a smile, GiBee.

MommaB said...

Oh, Blogger! Yes, it's a pain but you and Kim said it... itsfreeitsfreeitsfreeitsfree... even so, I'm about ready to jump ship myself. I think I'll hold on to the oar a little longer though... see if it improves. Thank you for all the public announcements. I've been "out-of-sorts" lately and you put me back into the loop of things!

Shalee said...

I'm cheap and poor. That makes Blogger perfect for me.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

sarah said...

GiBee, you are a wealth of information, AND you make me laugh. What a winning combo. Thanks for posting about the Family Friendly Blogroll. I mean to sign up for that, but then forgot. I will do it today.

Congrats on the nomination for the mystery award. Where's the link so we can go vote for you?

I just noticed that I'm on your "Blogs I Love" list. THANKS! I'm honored and humbled to be listed with so many awesome writers. I have been very bad about updating my blogroll...I think I only have, like 5 on it. When I do get it updated, you will be there. Fo' Sure!

Heather Smith said...

Okay, GiBee, I've decided something. You are so great at keeping us informed that you should really be a news anchor. Or maybe you should just be one of those people that writes for the newsanchor. You know the guy that really knows what's going on. Because I'm pretty sure that newsanchors don't really know a whole lot. They just read what's typed for them on the screen. But that guy typing, now he's smart! So you can be that guy, I mean girl, well, you know what I mean.
Thanks girl!
Heather (a girl who is much more informed thanks to her well-informed blogging buddy GiBee!)

Stacey said...

Wow, that was a ton of announcements!! I'm really glad you took the time to share those with us. I will be heading over to check out the org junkie and see what's she's up to!!

Chilihead2 said...

Yowza! That's a lot of announcements! I'm off to see if I'm eligible to vote for you and to check out OJ's site.


Heather from One Woman's World said...

You are hilarious, and I'm thankful that you announced these critical things in time. :)

Dawn said...

My first visit - I'm so low tech, but would love to know more about how to spruce things up. My daughter, My So-Called Life, has done great things for me. Wish I could do it alone!

Peach said...

Hey Darlin'! I have still lurked at your site, not lost weight, and while I am now in my new home the unpacking has far from been finished. (I read your comment at Chili's site). Didn't want you to feel slighted in the least.

I've been here and there lately, but I have to admit that I've not had time to comment or read more than my top five bloggers lately. YOU are really the one who ranks, dear one!! I'll be back in full force before you know it. I just need to get Mac up off the floor so I don't get rug burns on my booty while I blog ; )

Lauren said...

I vote to put you in charge of Blogville and keep us all updated with your hilarious announcements daily.

Nicole said...

You crack me up! Thanks so much for the announcements.

I'm glad you were able to get your link fixed. You're such a sweetheart.

I joined the Family Friendly Blogroll this morning :)

I've never read OJ's blog or Works for Me Wednesday but now I'm going to have to check those out.

Faith said...

Does this kinda make you like Mrs. Kravits from Bewitched? You KNOW EVERYTHING in blogland!!! You are peeing through your curtains and have all the dish!
Okay! I like that that! Keep it coming!!