Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Meme

Shalee from Shalee's Diner recently served up a tag me for this little Meme, Do You Get My Meaning?

She has dished out a very cute list of words to me, and I have to put down what they mean to me. My words and their meanings to me are:

Buttercup - Sorry to say, but the first thing that comes to mind is a big, lazy dairy cow. Oh, and the flowers we used to hold under our chins to see if we liked butter. I, personally, LOVE butter, so I'm pretty sure my chin always turned yellow.

Bookstore - A place where I could get lost in, and get into a whole lot of trouble by spending a whole lot of money!

Pasta - Goodness gracious -- my biggest weakness by far! Well, at least one of them!

Inspiration - My mother. She inspires me to be a woman of God, a prayer warrior, and a loving mother and wife by her very own daily example.

Now, I tag:
1) Carol at She Lives, because I promised her I'd tag her, well ... forever! Click Here to see Carol's answers.
2) Laurel Wreath, because she can't speak right now, so I thought I'd let her fingers do the talking! Click Here to see Laurel Wreath's answers.
3) AggieJenn at Showered With Grace because her son is soooooo adorable and sooooo close in age as mine (have you seen his first birthday party pictures? I could just eat him up!)
4) Lauren at Created for HIS Glory, because girlfriend cracks me up!

Your words are:
Ice Cream


Susanne said...

Great answers! Pasta and bookstore, ya, I'm with ya there!

Shalee said...

Hey, thanks for playing! I love the meanings that these words mean to you. It seems that we have even more things in common than I thought. We can be like Laurel and Hardy when we get to Dallas... (which is only 23 DAYS AWAY! I'm just a leeetle beet exciiited, in case you can't tell.)

Anonymous said...

Did mine =)))

Mike said...

Love your definition of a bookstore. If Barnes & Noble would consider all the money I paid them as stock options, I would be part-owner now.


Anonymous said...

I love pasta it....

Carol said...

Buttercup. Hah! Love it.

I did mine.

aggiejenn said...

I finally did mine! Sorry it took so long...I've been galivanting (sp?) across Texas!

Stacey said...

I like the meanings you came up with. Mine were kind of cheesy!

I also really like the words you picked out for your people : )