Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's the Suthun Way!

This is a totally-southern, fried food post -- in honor of my friend, Boomama, because she is them epitome of southern. AND, she loves her some fried food, people!

Anyway, for Mother's Day, the men in our church cooked breakfast for us. It was scrumptious -- they made over 40 omelets, and who knows how many pancakes. In fact, I had some awesome pecan pancakes with strawberries and whipped-I'm-in heaven-cream on top. YUMM-OOOHHH.

Our pastorman -- well, he was in charge of frying up the bacon. A LOT of bacon, to be exact. And his wife, the ever wise and thoughtful woman that she is, suggested he take a change of clothes for the service. But pastorman, well, he didn't.

And after frying up bacon, serving up breakfast, and rushing up to the pulpit, he realized that he smelled like bacon, and maybe his wife was wise after all, and daggone it for not thinking of it himself or actually doing what she suggested. (have you noticed that men can be stubborn like that?)

So, he announced that if anyone needed to be prayed for, or annointed, he would lovingly do so.

With bacon grease.

It is, after all ... the Suthun Way of annointing people. One dallop of bacon grease at a time.

Peace, love, and bacon grease!

Y'all come back, now... ya hear?


aggiejenn said...

how cute! Truly southern, for sure. And how sweet of the men to make breakfast for all of you. It sounds yummy!!!

Kimberly said...

Those Southerners are sure known for their hospitality and standing on the porch waving you away saying "Ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

I grew up with it and I love it to this day.

I'm tagging you for a very worthy cause at:

I hope you accept the challenge to help make this wish come true.

Susanne said...

Too funny!

How wonderful that the men cooked breakfast! I hope they cleaned up the kitchen too! ;v)

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

SIgn me up! If I can't eat it, I might as well smell like it while gettin' my blessing! *wink*