Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playing Hookie!

Yup! I played hookie! I took a break and didn't even announce it. I just snuck it in on you. And on my boss. As in -- "cough, cough, um, I can't come to work today... cough, cough, or tomorrow, either." Oh, I'm just kidding -- I didn't lie ... don't worry.

But after Friday's Post, I felt so heavy about my home. My parents are coming up to visit, and I really felt like I had to clean house. I mean ... CLEAN HOUSE, girlfriend! Plus, I was so encouraged to know I am not alone in this whole balancing act of cleaning house, cooking, laundering, parenting, wifeing, etc.

In fact, Momrn2 sent me the PERFECT e-card ... it had me gut-laughing at my desk. Yes, my co-workers think I'm a nut. But, the card was a picture of a woman in curlers and a robe, and it said... oh, what the heck ... just scroll to the bottom of this post to see it. It was simply adorable. And Jean left me such a sweet note of encouragement... actually, ALL of you did. I felt like we were bonding in a cleaning-kind-of-way!

Needless to say, after all your encouragement, I grabbed that plastic trash bag, and seven others just like it, and stuffed to my hearts content. In the process of cleaning and organizing, I collected 4 bags for Goodwill, and 3-1/2 bags of junk. As in ... TRASH. Can you believe it? Because I'm still reeling over it!

So... 4 days later (uh, yeah -- I started on Saturday, heh-heh), my home is pretty clean, my dining room is shining and we can actually see the table, the bagged-up Christmas decorations I had in my living room are downstairs in storage, my kitchen is organized, rearranged, and clean (hallelujah!), the laundry is caught up, and all those extra "I'll wash that when I have a free moment" piles are washed, folded, and put away (yeah, about 5 gazillion loads of laundry).

My bedroom -- oh, my bedroom -- well, it's a brand spanking new room (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [read that in your most operatic voice -- like a host of angels would sing it]). It's clean, it's organized, it's dusted, it's clean (did I mention that?), and all the spring clothing I had on my couch in the sitting area is now in my closet ... on hangers and neatly folded, all my winter clothing is in storage, and all of Hunter's clothing has been sorted, given away, or boxed up and (whew) placed in storage. I vacuumed floors, floor boards, chair rail, trim, curtains, frames, night tables -- um, yeah, that's true, and lamp shades. If it wasn't moving, it got vacuumed.

Did y'all know my bedroom actually has a floor? And I found a DOG under all that clothing! Well, not true. I knew where she was. But the floor is clean!!!

So, all I have to say now is ... aaahhhh. Laura from I'm An Organizing Junkie would be proud of me! Too bad I didn't really take many before or after pictures!

AND WOA ... HOLD THE PRESSES!!! Faith from Faithful Mommy left me a comment! Wooo Hooo, my friend is alive and well! Good to see she still has her sense of humor. Especially since I have failed MISERABLY as a friend, and did not call her or answer her email as I had promised I would do. Shame on me! Love you, Faith!!!

I'm off to do some real work ... at my desk ... ehem ... but enjoy this card from momrn2!!!


Shalee said...

I read all that and my first remark is this: Faithful Mommy is still alive?! Woo hoo!

Okay, I think you need to come to my place next. Wait, it's already clean for the non-showings.

Okay, just come and we'll play around. That would be a much better use for our time!

Glad you played hooky. Sometimes that just rocks!

momrn2 said...

You're heading to my place next... right!??! ;-)

I'm so excited for you that you can feel better now about your parents visit!

I'm even more excited for you that you tackled this and have that sense of accomplishment and relief that I know I would have... if I could just get my place done as well!! :-)

Happy Hookie day to you my friend!!

Susanne said...

I have asked myself "Where are those servant girls" so many times I can't even count. After 24 years of marriage, I'm still looking for them! :vD

Can you come to my house next?

Jada said...

LOL I believe all the commenters, including me, want you to come to our house next! I'll watch your son - you do the cleaning. LOL I don't have messes - I do keep my house kind of neat - I just hate vacuuming and dusting. I've lived in my house for 12 years, and I haven't washed a floor board yet! LOL

Way to go on all the cleaning, purging, organizing, etc.! Three cheers for you! Rah, rah, rah!


org junkie said...

I am, I am!! I'm doing my happy dance for you...woohoo. I can only imagine how much better you are feeling about it all knowing that the worst is behind you. Boy did you ever go to! Now you can relax and enjoy your visit.

Well done!

Stacey said...

So glad to hear you got all caught up and are feeling much better about life. It's so hard when you can't seem to get it all together but when you finally do it's nice to sit back and relax!!

Peach said...

It's the elves, the elves that are always missing at my house. I'd love to have some magic sprinkled around my place and voila . . . sparkling, newly cleaned house without any effort from me.

Glad you're now ready for the fam. to visit. Enjoy your time with them.

Come be thankful with me today, dear GiBee.

Tara said...

Good for you!!! Now you can come help me pack! Since we're moving into a 1950s house I'm assuming that the little fairy who lived there in the 50s is still alive. You know, the one who motivated the mommy to do all that housework while wearing lipstick, heels and pearls? And of course the one who helped make all those full meat and potatoes meals from scratch. Hope I don't find that fairy dead in the basement or something...

Tara said...

Oh, and as for the servant girls...that's why I have kids! :)