Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Child I Prayed For...

Updated at the bottom.

This past weekend nearly drove me over the edge, y'all! And, YES it's a long post ... just deal with it, because, seriously people, I have to vent!

Frankly, I'm quite surprised that I wasn't arrested and locked up in the rubber loo-loo room by the grandparent police Sunday!

My sweet, sweet child was sick with a cold this weekend, and I, being the concerned mother, kept him home from church Sunday ... and it seems like this was the very same day that the enemy decided to break forth and destroy... climb ... kick ... bite ... and do all sorts of "enemy things" to ruin everything within my child's --- I mean, the enemy's --- reach.

I swept the floor. He turned the salt shaker upside down. I put him on the thinking step.

Then, I swept the floor. He taught himself how to use the pepper grinder. I put him back on the thinking step.

I swept the floor. He got up on top of the kitchen table and tipped a cup of lemonade (that daddy left) over. I set him down and said that getting up on the kitchen table was a "no! no!" He threw a temper tantrum. I placed him on the thinking step.

I mopped the floor. He began climbing the front of the OVEN to get on top of the stove. I grabbed him and placed him on the floor and explained that it was too dangerous to do that, because you just never know when the stove would be HOT. He threw a temper tantrum. I placed him on the thinking step.

I started making homemade BBQ sauce. He dragged a kitchen chair over to the counter to "help" mommy. I set him back down and instructed him to go play, because this was a "no, no!" He threw a temper tantrum, and I dragged took him back to the thinking step.

I went to take the wet clothing out of the washer and put them in the dryer. He climbed up the washer and had one foot in. I grabbed him ... just in time ... and set him back down on the floor and explained that he wasn't allowed to pretend to be a monkey and climb into the washing machine because it is dangerous. He threw a temper tantrum. I placed him on the thinking step. Again.

I took him downstairs to play. He threw his pacifier at me, the phone across the room, and insisted that it was okay to bite the remote control. I (calmly, of course) explained to him that itwasnotgoodtoeatelectronicsandthrowthings for the love of everything good and sane. He walked himself over to the thinking step. Oh, yes he did.

Later, after my load in the dryer was done, I went up to pull the stuff out, turned my back for one stinking second, and when I turned back around, he had fully crawled into the dryer. The HOT dryer. Oh, my aching head. Thankfully, no thinking step this time.

I went into my bedroom to fold the load of laundry. Then I closed the bedroom doors, and got into the shower. He he proceeded to toilet paper my bedroom. A shredded, toilet papery mess. Nice. I only slightly raised my voice to scold him. He sat on the thinking step in my bedroom (a set of steps my husband built for the dog to get up and down from the bed). On his own. Again.

Then. Theeeennnnn ... I went downstairs to start working on dinner, because my in-laws were on the way over. I made a mental note of the stove where my home made BBQ sauce had been cooling, and the 5 Quart Stock Pot with tea had been cooling, and the simple syrup I made was syruping. I went to sit down for oneblessedminute.

And all was quiet. Ummmm ... too quiet. Way, way, WAY too quiet. So I ran back into the kitchen to find my son ... this.child.I.prayed.for ... standing over the stove, stirring the tea with the BBQ spoon, and the BBQ sauce with the simple syrup spatula. I raised my voice, because I hadn't raised my voice AT.ALL. [HA!] throughout the day, and gently, calmly, rationally, explained to my 20-month-old-monkey-child that this was a NO! No! and instructed him with a final, "DO NOT TOUCH" as I turned around to deposit the spoons into the sink.

And as I was turning around from the sink ... not even one second later ... as if I were in a living nightmare, my child ... the love of my life ... the apple of my eye ... my pride and joy ... grabbed the 5 Quart Stock Pot full of lukewarm tea, and dumped it. On the floor. On me. On, on, on ... GAAAAHHHHH!!! ON EVERYTHING!


Lord, forgive me anyhow.

My husband, who had been tenderly tending to his precious, and most delicious ribs out on the smoker, ran into the kitchen and stared at the floor and then at me in total shock. I'm sure I didn't look like a wild woman or anything. Especially standing, dripping wet, in three or five thousand inches of lukewarm tea.

So, because at this point, I was the model of decorum, I sweetly asked my dear husband to get the mop and bucket, and some to-we-ls to fi-hi-x th-hi-his me-heh-heh-ss. I wasn't crying, or anything like that. No. I was calm. The spitting image of Mrs. Cleaver.

So, while Hunter was bawling his little eyes out on "the step," and momma was slowly breathing in, and out, and in, and out, and daddy was opening the garage door to get the mop and bucket... Hunter thought it would be a good ... nay ... A GREAT time to stop crying, and hop off the thinking step, because maybe daddy would let him sit on his tractor, because it's the mostest favoritest thing in the whole widest world for Hunter to do.

Seriously. I could not believe my eyes. I raised my voice in my best MOMMA BEAR sounding tone, and said... "HUNTER THOMAS, GET BACK ON THAT STEP."

To which my child jumped about two feet into the air ... yeah, didn't know he could jump that high ... and ran to the step.

And grandma and grandpa walked in.

To which my loving and respectful husband said, "keep walking, Dad, and don't say one single word to Hunter -- just sit on the couch!" Which, trust me when I say, was a very difficult thing for grandpa and grandma to do. But they did. Fortunately.

And the floor got cleaned up. And I asked my dear and patient husband to move the bucket because my back was killing me and I couldn't lift it. Which really meant, "please put it back into the garage." Which he didn't. He just moved it away from the middle of the floor.

And I'll give you TWO guesses what happened next ... and the first guess does NOT count.

See how smart you are? You are correct! Hunter came into the kitchen and dropped a little throw carpet right into the bucket, then knocked the bucket ... OVER ... because, what could be more fun than an additional inch of water on the hardwood floor!

At which point, both mom and dad lost it, and grandpa turned to grandma and said ... "maybe we should come back another night" and grandma said, "I think we should take Hunter with us, too."

Thank you Jesus for my beautiful son!

I soooo deserve the Blogger Reflection Award ... dontcha think?

Update: Just so y'all know ... grandma and grandpa ended up not taking the little angel with them, because mama was able to sufficiently calm down and recover after a healthy dose of homemade strawberry shortcake (the little angel did successfully help in this endeavor, and mama was happy with him once again). And just so you know ... he did have his little hiney tapped at various times throughout the day, but mommy felt all sorry for him because he was all sick and snuffly and coughy and ... last time that ever happens!)


Jan said...

Wow. I am so impressed. You did not actually beat his little hiney?!
Way to go, girl, because when one of mine acted like that, I certainly did.

MotoMom said...

Kudos to you for your incredible patients, your husband for telling his parents to "keep walking", and your in-laws for being wise and gracious enought to do it AND take the little sweetheart home with them.
Those little ones sure know how to push your buttons. I hope you have a chance to regroup and recharge before he gets back. :)

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I'm amazed that he isn't STILL at his grandparents...'til he's 18! *wink*

Isn't it funny that when you are coping with pg struggles that a day like that *NEVER* comes to mind as what your future may hold if all those darn procedures, tests, pokings, etc. actually work! LOL

Jessica said...

You are a marvelous mother. I would have lost it after the toilet papered bedroom.

aggiejenn said...

Oh my...the fact that you stayed that calm that long makes you an angel in my book. :-) Trust me when I say, I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH!!! I had a day like that just the other day where Caleb decided to get into every BLESSED thing in the house and turn it upside down. What's that they say about the "terrible twos?" I'M NOT READY!

4andcounting said...

You have the patience of a saint. My child would certainly have been in bed well before you lost your temper. I find that removing them from my sight helps immensely, even if they are screaming their heads off in their bed. God Bless you and that littled bundle of joy (even when you can't see the joy).

BooMama said...

Yeah. I'd have been a crazy woman after the toilet paper thing, so I think it's remarkable that you stayed calm as long as you did.

And yes, those young'uns know just how to push your buttons. But His mercies are made new EVERY morning, and I think that's doubly-true for mamas of toddlers. :-) Hang in there, friend!

Erica said...

I completely identify with you! I have had many days like this one as well (and still do). Good for you for staying consistent in your discipline! I never understood how quickly a little one could (emotionally and physically)wear a parent down until he gave me my own. I have Galatians 6:9 plastered to my refrigerator! I frequently ask the Lord to help me not grow weary in discipling my boys (even when I don't see any immediate results...which can be so frustrating at times) trusting that the discipline will "bare fruit."
Motherhood is such a joy but what a great means of sanctification it is as well! :) Keep persevering friend!

Jen said...

what a day you had
hope you had a better day the next day
bless your hubby for helping you
I have my kitchen, laundry, bathroom , toilet and Billy's room barriered off so Daniel cant get into mischief in these rooms

Anonymous said...

My dh freaked when I read him this post. He said, "I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for kids." It scared me to! Man, how do you get through days like that?

Shalee said...

I still say that this would have made a fantastic short movie. I'd totally watch it and laugh at, er, I mean, with you.

And I would have given myself a timeout long before you did. And my time out would involve a nice drink and a lock on the bedroom door.

Tara said...

Ma'am, let me pass on a bit of wisdom another wise Mommy passed on to me. Laugh and take a picture. When I found a loaf of bread/box of crackers/box of cheerios/package of goldfish crackers/baby brother with blue marker all over him etc etc etc with a smiling messy toddler in the midst of it instead of flipping out totally I just got my camera. Really. Good for you for making it through the day! You should totally get a mocha and a book and sit for a while. You deserve it! :)

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Ohhhh- days like this! Someday you will laugh about it- and it'll help when you read about another moms day like this on a blog. See you're helping other moms!!!
You handled it well- I'm sure it was torture for Grandma and Grandpa to keep on walking- but it was the right thing to do!
Hopeful for better days ahead!

Katrina said...

Oh GiBee, you poor thing! I know there are some kids that play quietly and never seem to "get into things," but none of those kids live in my house!

Ranelle said...

Oh my goodness! How did you remain patient for so long? I had my husband read it, and we decided when our two little ones start getting wild, we'll just say "Hunter Thomas!" then things won't seem quite so bad!