Thursday, August 02, 2007

eBeanstalk Product Reviews

Recently, I became a Mother Board Member for eBeanstalk, in which I agreed to review products they wanted to endorse. They sent me a box full of goodies to review for them, and let me tell you ... Hunter was as excited as I was! The white box they sent to us had bright green vines on it, and the box was as attractive as the items inside! Hunter was pulling things out of the box so fast, I couldn't keep up with him! Thank you for allowing me to be a member of this board!!!

Here are my reviews of the individual products:

Baby Einstein plate, utensils, Spill-Proof Discover Cup and Spill-Proof Insulated Straw Cup:

I loved how the plate was divided in three sections. My son loved the colors, and I love that we are able to use it as a learning tool at the dinner table. The utensils were easy for him to hold in his hands, and just the right length for him to "turn his hand" to get the food in his mouth. Hunter didn't really show a preference with the cups, other than the cool toy that was in a bubble in the middle of the inside of the Discover Cup. Both cups, the Discover cup and the Insulated Straw Cup rated lower with me, because they both leaked ... each and every time they were tipped on their side. Other than that, they both were fine, and of good quality plastic. The plate and utensils gets two thumbs-up, but the cups only get one and a half thumbs up.

Leap Frog Counting Pals Color Tray Toy from Sassy (I can't find a link for it):

This is a pretty cute toy that can suction onto the tray of a high chair. It is the shape of a caterpillar, and has numbers, rings, and the head of the caterpillar sings when turned. While I found it to be colorful, and it had a couple catchy tunes, it didn't do enough to capture my son's attention. I think it had a lot to do with age appropriateness. I would recommend this toy with two thumbs up for children from the ages 9 months to 18 months, but not older.

Banana Boat KIDS UltraMist Tear-Free SPF50 6 oz and Banana Boat Baby Tear-Free SPF 50 Packet: I love this product. It truly is tear free, and trust me ... we just had an awful, awful experience with my usual baby sunblock. It got into Hunter's eyes when he rubbed them in the car, and it stung him for close to 15 minutes. He was NOT happy. I was NOT happy.

The Banana Boat UltraMist Tear-Free arrived shortly after that experience, and it is a WONDERFUL product. It stays on for a long time without loosing its strength. I used it at the beach this past week (without reapplying), and he didn't burn at all, whereas with the old product I was using, he burned within 15 minutes, and it was an SPF of 50 too!! He also loves how this product tickles when I spray it on ... it fascinates him, really ... which keeps him still during the entire rub-down process! That's a plus for me, because I don't have to chase a crying child around the room anymore.

The only problems are: 1) it was unclear to me if the packets were a "sample" of the lotion, or if the packets were available for purchase, as I would love to have a box of them so I can throw a few packets into his diaper bag, my purse, the glove compartment, etc.; 2) the spray bottle gets a little clogged and then it sprays out in a stream rather than a mist; 3) it is a little "wet" on the hands after you rub it into the child. Other than that, it certainly gets two thumbs up from me, and if I had extra thumbs, it would get those, as well!

Please take a few moments to visit the eBeanstalk website... you'll want to bookmark it in your favorites!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Thanks for the reviews GiBee.

I was looking at the Baby Einstein straw cup the other day for my daughter. Leakage was my main concern since that is the problem we are having with the cups she currently uses. Your review was very helpful.

I'll have to keep an eye out for the spray sunscreen; it sounds like a winner.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with the straw cup. Ours leaks constantly, even when it's standing upright. Milk just randomly squirts out the straw. I'm not a fan.

The plate is so cute though- I hadn't seen that yet. And the sunscreen sounds helpful.