Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Giveaway Event!!!

OH.MY.GOODNESS ... (and to all my church friends and family who had this conversation with me last night ... you may READ THAT WITH ALL THE INFLECTION YOU CAN POSSIBLY PUT INTO IT!) another bloggy giveaway! How exciting is that???

A chance to win something for free? Just for you? Or for a Christmas gift for a special someone on your list? How could you possibly resist?!?

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer is hosting another free bloggy giveaway at her Bloggy Giveaways blog. Feel free to participate, it's really easy, and a lot of fun! Promise! She'll have a Mister Linky on her Bloggy Giveaways blog starting on October 29... Make sure to read up on all the guidelines if you want to host your own giveaway in conjunction with this one.

For those of you that just want to enter for something free, make sure to check out everyone that's participating over at Shannon's on October 29th, and enter to win by leaving a comment!

Until then, I'll be scrambling around to put together some fun fall giveaways!


Rocks In My Dryer said...

GiBee, you are just adorable. And I know I always say that, but you're always adorable!

Sandy said...

I agree with Shannon!

I'm actually giving away a Fall package next week! But it was planned a few weeks ago because next week is my one yr blogiversary! Hard to believe ...:)

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

If you rush over to my blog before I wake up, you can enter my contest for some Praise and Coffee!