Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall, Y'all! Bloggy Giveaway...

Land sakes alive, y'all ... Monday is THEEEEE day for giveaways!

This time, I think we're all prepared for the hundreds of entries we'll get! You, me, Shannon ... yes, siree... we're ready. It's a Giveaway Bonanza! Woohooo!

After all ... where can you go to register to win in one sitting for hundreds of free things? Why, to Shannon's Giveaways Blog, that's where!

If you want to win free stuff, go HERE on Monday morning to start registering your name all over blogland.

Or, you can just come here first to register your name for lots of fun giveaway stuff and then head on over to Shannon's! As my husband, family and friends can attest, I LOVE TO GIVE STUFF AWAY ... and Monday will NOT disappoint! I promise! (as my husband sits back and rolls his eyes, sighs heavily, shakes his head from left to right, left to right, and throws his hands up in the air abandoning all hopes of reining me in.)

Finally, if YOU want to participate in giving stuff away during the Bloggy Giveaway, head on over to Shannon's Fall Y'All! Bloggy Giveaway Guidelines so that you are prepared and good to go!

See you all on Monday!


Rocks In My Dryer said...

I hope you're right, that it's all ready!

momrn2 said...

So now I have a question. If a person won at your place in the last giveaway, are they eligible to win again?? ;-)

Goodness knows how much I LOVED my winnings in the last giveaway. I can only imagine what it will be this go around!