Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reminders, Credit, and Stuff...

Tomorrow is the big Holiday Cooking Blogger Style over at Overwhelmed with Joy ... please make sure to tune in.

I have a recipe to share ... one that I get asked to make again, and again each holiday... but alas, I as I feel so sick and weak that I am unable to even muster the strength to make one just for the picture. Which on any normal given day, I would. Just ask my husband... who sometimes stands in the kitchen scratching his head saying, "why are you taking a picture of that lemonade... never mind, I already know. It's for the blog -- yadi yadi da." to which I have to say ... "Nanny, nanny boo boo. You're just jealous because you DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN BLOG where you can post picture after picture of each and every single stinking fish you catch..." I'm very mature like that.

So, I have turned to Google ... or my right arm, as some would say (yeah, that would be my husband), to try to find a picture, and ... I'm not sure if I had previously mentioned this ... but I'm feeling ever so sick... head cold, AND intestinal viral issues. It's really been quite special. One should try it out just to experience the nauseating stuffed up blessing it can bring upon you. Or not.

Anyway ... I did NOT find a picture... but each time I clicked on a recipe, I can assure you that I DID feel nauseated, weak, and all faintly-like, and found myself repeating "ooohhhhhh" and "uuugggghhh" over and over again. Now, you can, if you must, go out to Google and try to find one, but I can assure you that even if you were to find a picture of it (and you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what recipe I'm talking about), it will not taste as good as my recipe. Pinky swear. And Overwhelmed posted one similar to mine ... but, NUH-UH. Not the same goodness as mine.

Anyway, I really did try ... and that's the message I'm trying to relay here. Because I care.

About you.

Even though I'm dying of some wretched viral thingie... or two.

On another note, it is my pure joy to announce to you that I will be hosting Homemade with Love -- a holiday gift idea exchange -- again this year. So, mark your calendars... for November 12, 2007!!

What does this mean? Well ... on November 12, I will post a handful of awesome ideas and pictures for homemade gifts that you can make for friends, family, church members, neighbors, pastors, etc. And, I invite you to do the same thing, on the same day, then come over to my post and add your name and html address to your post on the Mister Linky I will have up and running.

Last year, we had 25 people link up to Homemade With Love, and I encourage you to spread the word! It doesn't have to be crafty ... in fact, it can be baked, or a basket of store-bought stuff... just as long as the end product can be considered a homemade gift by your adoring loved ones!

Feel free to grab the button (or email me if you don't know how), just link back to my blog, please! Thanks!

Finally, I must ... must ... offer my undying love and gratitude to my wonderful husband... because when I mentioned here that "we" took our son back to have his blood taken again, I really meant, and should have said ... "HE" took our son back (all alone) to have his blood taken again, but the excitement of the whole NORMAL Praise Report got the better of me, and I miss-spoke, and frankly ... I need to give credit where credit is WAY due! Love ya, baby!

Now, I must go, so that I may die a dainty death ... in peace... between cool sheets ... with a wash cloth on my forehead and a bucket at my feet.


Susanne said...

Oh dear, and you wrote a big 'ole post like this?

Go to bed. Praying you'll be fine and dandy quickly.

Overwhelmed! said...

I'll participate in your Homemade With Love idea exchange! I'll try to post about it next week to help spread the word, but email me a reminder, will you? Things are a bit crazy on my end.

As for your holiday recipe for my exchange, forget the picture. It's not important, the recipe is the important thing. :)