Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little is Much...

Have you ever felt like you just didn't measure up to the Billy Grahams of the world? How about those gals from Women of Faith? When you share your faith, are you as funny as Patsy Clairmont, Lucy Swindoll, Marilyn Meberg, Thelma Wells, Anita Renfro? Are you as Biblically sound as Beth Moore? Are you as eloquent and bring people to tears like Karen Kingsbury? Can you lay the scriptures out like Max Lucado?

Did you ever feel like you just weren't making a spiritual impact in your personal world, or in the global world that you thought you would? Or thought you should?

A month ago, at our women's retreat, we did an exercise that truly shocked me and opened my eyes. We made a list of all the loved ones and dear ones of the women at the retreat that weren't saved. Can you guess how long this list was? I'm sure you can imagine... it went on for two pages, and I know we only skimmed the top of the list of names on people's hearts.

I am blessed beyond measure that my spouse is saved, my family members are saved, and most of my friends are saved. But many of my co-workers and neighbors are not. And when I saw how many women in my church have loved ones that aren't saved, it truly broke my heart. I know that I am not an evangelist. I accept that I'm not a renowned author. I acknowledge I'm not a Biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination. I know full well that I'm just another ordinary wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend that is trying to make an impact on my small world, but it frustrates me that I can't make MORE change.

I mean, seriously ... wouldn't it be great if we could have all these people in one auditorium, with Patsy Clairmont as the opening act to "warm them up," and Beth Moore to bring home the message of salvation? That would be awesome! But reality? Not so much. They're pretty much stuck with me! The "not-so-funny-not-so-eloquent-not-so-entertaining-wife-mom-daughter-sister-friend."

But you know what? That's what it's all about. Yeah, it would be great if Max Lucado would mow grass with my neighbor-dads and present them with the plan of salvation. And, Wowza! It'd be wonderful if Anita Renfro could sing the scriptures to my neighbor-moms and bring them all to the Lord. But, the fact is, they have me, my husband, and my son. Christ lived out on a daily basis.

I was listening to the radio this past weekend, and I heard a song that really struck a chord in me. It is performed by a Canadian group called Downhere, and the song is called "Little is Much." Here are the lyrics (I hope you find them encouraging):

What is the measure of a life well lived, if all I can offer seems too small to give.
This is a song for the weaker, the poorer, and so-called failures.

Little is much when God's in it, and no one can fathom the plans He holds.
Little is much when God's in it, he changes the world with the seeds we sow.
Little is much, little is much.

Who feels tired and under-qualified; who feels deserted, and hung out to dry.
This is a song for the broken, the beat-up, and so-called losers.

Consider a Kingdom in the smallest seed; consider that giants fall to stones and slings. Consider a child in a manger; consider the story isn't over. What can be done with what you still have.

So just in case you're thinking to yourself ... what's a "not-so-funny-not-so-eloquent-not-so-entertaining-wife-mom-daughter-sister-friend" to do to evangelize her little world during the holiday season? I suggest we each start off by taking the first small step of planting seeds. Maybe you could take a loaf of pumpkin bread over to the elderly neighbor, or offer the mom with six kids to watch a child or two or six so she can have a couple hours to herself to relax, or read. You could invite the neighborhood kids over for a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party, or if you want to start off even smaller, you could invite them over for a Christmas party and send the kids home with a candy cane and a scripture attached to it. How about bundling up your family and a couple others and going caroling and handing out candy canes with an invitation to attend your church Christmas celebration attached to it. Or ... if you have older kids, they could start off too. Encourage them to do little things like "rake and run" or "shovel and run." Take over some homemade Hot Chocolate mix and a batch of brownies to a neighbor.

I encourage each of you to begin planning little ways that you can get out and evangelize your small "world." I know I will be out and about, finding little ways to deliver the message of our Lord and Savior, so know that you're not out there alone, and one by one, we will begin to plant seeds. But, whatever it is you choose to do this holiday season... always do it in Christ-like love, try to always attach an encouraging scripture to a card or a package so you get the Word out, and always ... live Christ out every day.

And remember ... a little is much when Christ's in it.


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

GiBee - our hearts must be in the same place right now. I married into a "saved" family but nearly ALL of my family is not.

In addition, through another blog and other avenues, info about a certain book kept coming to me: "Evangelism Without Additives - what if sharing your faith meant just being yourself?"

It finally came via and I'll be teaching it as an adult Bible study after the first of the year!

Blessings, dear one! My heart is warmed knowing you are considering and praying for "the missing" as that book puts it - those that God created but is now missing deeply.

momrn2 said...

Through the moving of the Holy Spirit through our surrendered selves, we can be world changers right in our own circle where God has placed us!

Thanks for this reminder and encouragement that we don't have to be a big name for God to use us to make a difference!

Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Not-so-funny-not-so-eloquent-not-so-entertaining(YEA RIGHT)-wife-mom-daughter-sister-FRIEND! Love ya!

janie said...



Diane said...


Happy Birthday!

I am so thankful for your blog--and the words of truth you continually post!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Amanda said...

And and happy birthday to you, albeit belated. Thank you for you consistent and thoughtful words in your writing. We may not agree on everything, but I am uplifted by everything you write. I hope you had a beautiful day surrounded by loved ones.

Heather Smith said...

Great post GiBee! It reminds me of the portion of Scripture where God spoke to Elijah. God wasn't in the wind, or the earthquake or the fire. He was in a still small voice. I think sometimes people do huge things in their own power, but God isn't in it at all. But sometimes God's presence is so evident in the little things we do from day to day! Thanks for the reminder!

Pam said...

Great post, dear one.

Blessings to you this Thanksgiving.

. . . and Happy Birthday a day late. I meant to come back last night and went to sleep rather than take another twirl around bloggityville.

Hope you had a fabulous day!!

Hugs to you ; )

ValleyGirl said...

I hope you had an awesome day yesterday, and a very happy birthday! I love your blog and though I don't comment very often (because usually someone has already said what I would have said, only with better words!), I visit every day. I love this post because it's so true, so obvious, and yet so tough to remember. God can use anyone, any situation -- however small, weak, or seemingly inconsequential and unimportant -- and create something awe-inspiring and beautiful. He does that with us on a daily basis!

Katie said...

Great post! I heard that song the other day and wanted to post about it myself. As Beth Moore also says, "With Christ, We are ENOUGH -Even Nothing Offered Unconditionally Glorifies Him."

Sandy said...

GiBee - I love this post! You are singing my song, girl. That is really the mission of my blog - to reach out and love and meet and be a catalyst in life-changing ways. It's not "us" but through us that we can be used.
Warmest Thanksgiving to you and your husband and Hunter.