Monday, November 26, 2007

Things going on in my home...

After 14 years, you would think that a dog had the right to retain her original name. But, that was all before an un-named child entered her life. Kelly, my 14 year old Maltese, was at one time the sweetest, most patient dog I have ever seen... but again, that was before an un-named child entered her life.

Now, Kelly has become a 14 year old, incontinent, grouchy, snarly, snippety old dog who has a new name ... goo(d) gul (the d in good is silent), or ... "good girl" in adult language.

And did I mention that this un-named child loves to torment lavish "goo gul" with hugs, kisses, petting, tapping, head-rubbing, nose-tickling, belly-hugging, hair-licking lovins? Yes, my child licks the dog, and he also tries to drink her water and eat her food... let's move along ...


Something else going on in my home... Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with some friends and family to celebrate my birthday ... and really, I'm loving being "in my forties" ... but when we came home, our neighbors all had their beautiful and sparkly Christmas lights on. Blues, whites, reds, greens ... Hunter was truly transfixed. My mom (who wears glasses) was in our guest bedroom with Hunter, and he had pulled a pillow over to the very edge of the bed so that he could lay his head down while he watched the lights. My mom (did I mention she wears glasses) was patiently pointing out the images that were placed in the yard across the street from us... and she was showing my son where Jesus was. I had just walked into the room, and I glanced across the street and turned back to my mom in a wee bit of confusion. I asked her, "mom, where are you seeing Jesus?" And she pointed across the street to a huge blue and white blow-up that the neighbors had. She said, "right there... see it? It's an odd nativity, though." To which I had to burst out in laughter, because the "nativity" she was "seeing" was actually a family of Polar Bears. Oh, my word ... we had a good laugh!

Personally, I think if I can save the money, I'd like to put THIS NATIVITY out in our back yard (which can be seen from the main road), but until I can save the money for it (fortunately they are out of stock), I'll settle for my painted paver nativity (I'll share more on Thursday).


Other going's-on... yesterday, my husband pulled out our outdoor decorations. I spent the afternoon putting up white lights on our bushes, and putting together our lit-snowman. It looked puurtee. The funny thing is... Hunter spent the entire afternoon with me outside while I tested the lights and hung them, but when I went out later to hang my wreath up, he came out with me, and when he rounded the corner of the garage and saw all the lights (it was dark by this time), he inhaled sharply and said... "Oh! Oh! Oooooo! Yites! Tree! Yites! MIIIIIINE!" Yeah, he's learned the word MINE. It's really lovely. Worry not. I've informed him that while he's living under my roof, he will actually own ... nothing ... and all things will be MINE. He laughed. And repeated... "MINE." Ha. Ha. Funny guy. I'm sure the MINE saga will continue.


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Susanne said...

Let me just say it's a good thing I didn't have coffee in my mouth when I read about the Polar Bear Nativity. That is just toooooo funny! Especially when she commented that it was an odd nativity. Oh my word. I'll be chuckling about that all day long! I love your mom.

ValleyGirl said...

Yep, the Polar Bear 'nativity scene' gave me the giggles, too!! It sounds exactly like something my mom would come up with!

Jen said...

I'm rolling on the Polar Bear Nativity Set.....rolling.

momrn2 said...

All the tales of Hunter have me smiling ear to ear. And he's talking!?! He's growing so fast! Sweet boy... even if he does lick the dog! :-)

Although I collect nativity's... I think I'll pass on the polar bear's that resemble baby Jesus. Although, if I took my glasses off maybe I could see it too! Ha ha ha... Only laughing because it so could have been ME! :-)

Thanks for the link to Thursday's Christmas Traditions! I am eager to have everyone share!!!