Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Meme for my fried little brain...

Okay -- I'm totally going to mooch off of Barb at A Chelsea Morning ... here's an informative Meme she did, and I thought it would be fun to bore you share some wonderfully informative facts about myself with you! Let me know if you feel led to do this too, and I'll stop by to read it!

A Quick Meme

Like Barb, I don't remember the last time I did a meme. It may have been a gazillion years ago, but I'm given to drama, so I'm thinking a million years may be closer to reality. In fact, also like Barb, people stopped tagging me when I would forget to actually ... you know ... DO them. And seriously -- that's no fun, so I totally don't blame you!

Anyway, Barb mentioned that Lynne at Lynne's Little Corner of the World tagged her for this simple meme, and since I'm pretty creatively fried right now, I told Barb I was going to snag it. Here we go...

...How long have you been blogging?

I began reading and commenting on blogs way back in 2002. Or maybe it was 2001. Either way, I know it was shortly after I began working at my current location, and that was in 2000. However ... it took me much longer to gather the courage to do my own blog, and I published my first post on July 30, 2004, and OH MY, did I ever think I was all that AND a bag of chips. Too bad I wasn't! Can you say... ZERO COMMENTS for a long, LONG time? So basically, I was talking to myself... which I tend to do. A lot.

...What inspired you to start your blog and who are your mentors?

What inspired me? Probably all the bitter, angry, infertile women who had no hope in their lives. Although I was also angry and bitter, I did have hope in my life, and wanted to share that, as well as the fact that there really is a positive side to the whole "half-full cup of water" side of life. At that point, I really did not have a mentor. I just knew I loved to write, loved to talk, loved to complain, and loved to do it to the only audience that would sit still and listen. Me. No. I'm not self-centered. I promise. It was a wonderful outlet for me, and I think it kept my husband sane, too.

...Are you trying to make money online or are you doing it just for fun?

At this point, I am totally against inviting anyone to advertise on my blog. I feel that my blog represents me, my family, and since I don't make it a secret that I am a saved-by-grace mommy, my faith. I don't want to compromise that by making money from ads that I may not totally approve of.

In fact, I am waiting for a friend of mine to find a good Christian resource that will do what Google Ads, or Amazon, or Blog Her will... while providing 100% SAFE, FAMILY FRIENDLY, and CHRISTIAN BASED advertisement on my blog. I won't mention her name, but she is very resourceful, and very knowledgeable... and if she's reading... she needs to STOP, because she has work to do! Just kidding. Love ya, Lauren! Your talent amazes me!

Anyway -- back to the question: no. I am not trying to make money. Yes, I do it for fun. And for you... all three readers of mine, because I HEART you!

...What three things do you love about being online?

As for blogging, I love the community. The friends I've made on line are amazingly very deep and wonderful, and I'm amazed that I continue to find even more amazing and wonderful people each and every day!!!

As for being online... as in ... on the internet ... I love the fact that I have the world at my finger tips. TRULY. I can google anything, and just about anyone. I can buy anything I want on line, and seriously... everyone knows about Wikipedia and what a reliable source of information [ehem!] that is, right?

I also love that I can reach out to a gaggle of Christian friends with the stroke of one, or two, or a thousand buttons and you all know at the same time if I need prayer, if I'm celebrating something, if I'm sad ... and with the same stroke of a button, or two, or a thousand, you are reaching back to me. Isn't that the coolest thing in the world?

...Chat and IM?

Well, MS IM is my lifeline at work. I IM my girlfriend almost non stop, all day long... but I can't really IM out of the office. It's way too distracting (as if blogging isn't!), and I don't have time once I get home.

Besides ... once you hit that ENTER button after typing something out, there's just NO taking it back... at least with blogging, I can type out my thoughts, read them, re read them, edit them, re edit them, etc. before I hit that publish button.

All righty then. Hope y'all feel like you know me a little bit better ... whether you wanted to or not! And please forgive me of any spelling errors. Blogger's spell check hasn't worked in ... forever.

Have a wonderful week!


LvlyRita said...

I heart you back.

Bev said...

You said: "I just knew I loved to write, loved to talk, loved to complain, and loved to do it to the only audience that would sit still and listen. Me. No. I'm not self-centered. I promise. It was a wonderful outlet for me, and I think it kept my husband sane, too." Cracked me up, love the honesty.