Friday, August 15, 2008

Surgery Went Great

Just wanted to post quickly to say that my surgery went very, very well. My surgical team was fantastic -- super nice!!

Evidently, my gall bladder was long over due in coming out.

At this point, I'm feeling only surgical pain, if that makes an sense. My insides are sore, and the vicodin seems to wear out at 2 hours. Also, my throat is really sore, scratchy and dry from the tube, and for some odd reason, my mouth is cotton dry.

All-in-all -- as of right now, I'm really glad I had this surgery.

I just want to thank everyone that has been praying for me, because your prayers were felt! Wednesday, I started getting emails rolling in to remind me that many of you were praying for me, and I felt completely at peace.

This was the first surgery where I didn't feel any anxiety or fear, and I know it's because my friends and family were standing behind me in prayer.

Thank you so much friends!

Okay -- I'm off to take another vicodin, some hot tea, and hit the pillows. I'll check my emails later.

Hugs to you all that prayed for me! THANK YOU!!


Jen said...

I'm so happy everything went well. God took care of you. Now you need to rest rest rest and heal. Good to hear from you.

Laurel Wreath said...

Thanks for the update the outpatient surgery I had my throat was horse for about 4 days, then went away. Drink a lot liquids, hots ones help also.

I am so glad you are doing well. Rest, rest, rest.


Susanne said...

What??? Somewhere I missed the memo! It must hve been while I was on holidays. I'm so glad your surgery went well, GiBee and I'll sure pray for your quick recovery!

And your mouth is probably dry from the meds they give you before the suregery that dries up excess spit and mucous.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Aw, GiBee, I'm so sorry - with all that was going on here, I completely forgot! If it helps to know (*wink*) I am also on the couch, blessedly mild pain, also taking my Vicodin, and have a sore throat as bad as if they had taken out my tonsils as opposed to working on the other end. LOL (((hugs)))

flippflop said...

ack! i'm so bad. didn't know you were having surgery. i'm glad everything went great.

Lauren said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and I promise to keep in touch a whole lot better as things settle down in my life. PROMISE! I love you.