Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Finds #2: Cool Gadgets for the Crafter or Seamstress

Today, I have four cool gadgets that I absolutely adore, and thought would be perfect gifts for a crafter or seamstress.

I personally own all of these items, and they totally make my crafting life easier!

I hope you enjoy these little finds, and quite possibly, incorporate them into your crafting and sewing life, or gift them to someone who has a passion for creating beautiful things!

The first item is a Cut 'n Press Mat by June Tailor. This is perfect for the seamstress that quilts, or makes crafts from fabric.

Amazon's Description: One side is a rotary cutting mat with a unique surface that extends rotary blade life, and the other is a padded pressing mat. It is completely weather safe - will not warp. And you can store it practically anywhere! I only paid $19.99 for it at Wal-Mart, and it is worth every penny!

The second item I have is a Fringe Ruler. I know that sounds silly, but it is a great tool for cutting even, straight lines with a rotary cutter on fleece. I'm totally eating it up while I prepare a few things for my Homemade with Love, and it really helps makes cutting easy and quick. It cost me $24.00 at Joanne's, and while it is on the more expensive side than what I would like to pay for something like this, it is well worth it and would make a fun gift.

The third item I have today is the Fiskars Scissors Sharpener. It is so easy to use, is light weight, and stores easily. It can be easily adjusted for either left or right handed scissors. I only paid $3.95 for it at Wal-Mart, and thought it would make a valuable addition to my sewing basket and worn scissors. I was right! My mother, who is an expert seamstress, is the one who introduced me to this little gadget, and let me tell you... it is worth its money and would make a great stocking stuffer!

The final item is a total lifesaver, and allows you to cut sharp, beautiful edges on both fabric and paper. It is a Rotary Cutter. I'm sure all crafters and seamstresses already know about Rotary Cutters, but I found this adorable set at Joanne's Fabrics, and thought I'd share it for gift ideas. It is a limited edition Kimberly Poloson tin in Robin's Egg Blue with brown vines and flowers printed on it, with a beautiful cushion grip rotary cutter in coordinating colors stored inside. I haven't been able to find them online, but Joanne's has them for $19.99, along with another Rotary Cutter in Robin's Egg Blue with Brown flowers and vines imprinted on it. Beautiful, functional, and a wonderful gift idea or stocking stuffer.


Tammy and Parker said...

Ah! The sharpener! I would have looked at the price of that and figured it wouldn't have done a very good job. Go figure, eh?

I'm putting a few of those on my list for Christmas gifts...starting with me. My scissors are so dull.

Merrie said...

I NEED (desperately!!!) a scissors sharpener!!!!! Just last week I was getting aluminum foil folded to "sharpen" scissors... didn't work. I bought a new pair just b/c I HAD to have some sharp scissors. I'll be heading to Walmart to find this treasure. Thank you!