Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Finds #3: Battery Stuff

Today, I have three cool things that I thought were quite practical for parents that are beginning to purchase battery-operated Christmas gifts.

I hate when my batteries: a) die and I don't have another one on hand, and b) they are scattered all over creation and rolling on the bottom of the drawer, making them difficult to find.

So I'd like to share with you a few gadgets that would help keep our earth greener, and for those of us that keep a ton of spare batteries on hand, a solution that will help keep us organized:

1. The Duracell AA/AAA Mini Charger: Batteries are toxic, and are all over our landfills. These palm-sized chargers plug right into any outlet, and recharge AA or AAA rechargeable batteries hundreds of times, saving our landfills of additional toxic waste. It is a totally green choice for the holidays!! The charger is palm-sized, and affordable at under $15 in most places, and under $10 if you look real hard (or click on the link I provided you!!). It comes in hot pink, electric blue, lime green or jet black, with two rechargeable AA batteries.

2. Duracell Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries: Duracell has a new feature out -- juiced up rechargeable batteries!! Now you don't have to wait 6-8 hours for your rechargeables to charge before you can use them. Plus, they hold power for up to 365 days without use. Your batteries are always ready for use even if you haven't touched them for a while, and are ready for use when leaving the store. Yes, they are $12.99 for a four-pack, but they will last forever, and are a great accompaniment to the Mini Charger!

3. Multi Battery Storage Container: Oh, that I were independently wealthy and could spend it all in the Container store... But alas, reality brings my day dream to a screeching halt. But it doesn't mean I have to throw all my organizational dreams out the window... this little product is on my list for my next pay check... a battery organizer ... and the Container Store has them priced affordably, enabling you to store all your commonly used batteries in one convenient place. They are plastic containers with removable trays that hold AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. Or, if you have a lot of same-sized batteries, you might prefer to organize them in their own individual boxes. Always have a battery on hand, and always know where it is for under $7. Even rechargeable batteries need a place to live!


Susanne said...

Your site is coming up just fine although has not been showing in bloglines as new posts. It seems neither has mine. What's up with them?

These are great ideas, GiBee. I love that battery container at the bottom.

Shalee said...

Oh, I need that battery container dealybob! I have lots of batteries just rolling around in the drawer.