Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm DONE with it!

Politics... Again. Sorry. Bear with me.

I am SICK TO DEATH of this entire election process. Here are some things that I'm particularly sick of...

I'm sick to death of the childish antics Obama supporters have regressed to when they came ONTO MY PROPERTY to steal my McCain / Palin sign... along with hundreds of other people's signs. My street alone has had a MINIMUM of 6 signs stolen alone.

1. We're not doing it to you...
- and I can say this simply because all the Obama signs in my neighborhood are
still standing.
3. It is rude
4. Offering FREE PIZZA for stolen signs is a cheap shot
- stand up and fight your battles the right way and VOTE.
5. Did I mention... we're not doing it to you???

I'm sick to death of stuff like THIS, where Obama flips McCain the bird in a speech. I know -- it isn't CLEAR that he did, but you decide.

I'm sick to death of Angry People.

I'm sick to death of marxist threats to shut down our power plants by bankrupting them ... why? So government can hold the "solution" and "come to every one's rescue"??

I'm sick to death of Fashion Critics. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the issues?!?!?

I'm sick to death of "Stage Men" -- Hispanic Democrats are NOT for Obama... even in his own home town. Actions speak louder than words, and Latinos who supported Hillary will be voting McCain / Palin. The Hispanics have sent a message ... Obama is not applying for American Idol!

And I'm outraged by certain... people in association with the Democratic Candidate ... that the media doesn't care to discuss. Appalled, in fact. It worries me, and in my mind, brings into question Obama's ability to formulate clear judgment calls if our country is ever attacked again... because I just don't understand how someone can sit for 20 years with a Pastor he calls friend, listen to his radical messages from the pulpit (including profanity, which just blows my mind), and NOT think something is wrong with that... or serve on a board with a man that was a part of a radical underground group that bombed federal buildings. A 50 million dollar grant to improve schools was brought to Chicago by Bill Ayers, and they worked together for 7 years on a board that gave funds to external small schools program like Anenberg Challenge and the Woods Fund?? How do you NOT know someone and what they believe after working with them for 7 years?

How many coincidences can this man have while people turn a blind eye and a deaf ear?

Friends.... obviously, I'm a McCain/Palin supporter -- and while I may not fully agree with his (or her) platform, it is by far, the least threatening, least liberal, least Marxist, and least frightening platform out there.

If you're still unsure on how to vote ... Vote the Word of God.


Christy said...

Not to stir up trouble here, but there have been just as many people on the McCain/Palin side stealing signs and whatnot.

And I've even heard of Republicans telling Dems that their "Day to vote was going to be Wednesday due to anticipated high voter turnout."

Now, I may be wrong, but that trumps stealing signs in my book.

This takes the cake though: McCain Supporter refuses to give kids that support Obama (Or whose parents support Obama) Halloween Candy.

As for Obama using his middle finger to wipe his mouth...look at his mannerisms from past speeches. It is something that he does on a regular basis. He was not Flipping McCain the Bird.

I too am sick of angry people.McCain Supporter accusing Obama of being a terrorist.

The wardrobe brouhaha is just one of the many gaffes that the Republican Party has made during this campaign. (Not any different that choosing the person wearing said wardrobe, in my opinion.)

I am a Christian. And the vote that I will cast tomorrow is in line with my Christian beliefs. It is NOT for Sen. McCain, however.


ValleyGirl said...

I haven't been here for a while. I almost didn't think I had the write address!!

Even though I'm Canadian, I've got the same fears you do and made many of the same observations. I can't help it, but Sen. Obama just scares the heck outta me and the thought of him leading your powerful nation strikes fear in my heart.

I am praying ~ and you can bet I'll BE praying tomorrow especially ~ that God's will will be done in this election, no matter the outcome.

ValleyGirl said...

Oops, that would be "right" address, not "write" address!! Haha, I guess it almost applies to blog addresses though!! ;)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I could not agree with you more. :)

Shalee said...

GiBee, this behavior shouldn't surprise you. Seriously. When the Democrats had their convention, how many Republicans were arrested for violating the law in their protesting? None.

When the Republicans had their convention, how many Democrats were arrested for violating the law in their protesting? Over 500.

Really, it shouldn't surprise anyone that many people are following emotions rather than their rational thinking? How else can one explain so many people following a man whose vision for the country is to turn America into a Socialist state, who refuses to respect the history of the land and who uses race as his trump card. As it has been done in the past, those without the words to really back up where they stand will often resort to violence or ugliness in order to be heard. If they can't get a reaction from their stance, they'll make a stand to get a reaction out of you.

You are correct in everything you said, GiBee. It's wrong. It's ugly. It's rude. It's frightening. But hold fast to the One who made this world. No matter the outcome, he's still God and He loves us, even the sign-stealing thieves. (He's probably shaking His head at the wrong choices people are making, but He still loves them just the same.)

Barb said...

I wrote a post a lot like this one Sunday night and I sounded so upset, which I am, I deleted it. I'm glad you did this - you speak for a lot of us out here.

I wouldn't vote for him if my hair were on fire, but in fairness, I don't think Obama flipped anyone off. I think it's just one of his manerisms.

However, like everyone, I've found this whole process to be appalling on so many levels, I don't know where to begin. It's hard to imagine a campaign could be any worse, but you watch, four years from now. It will be.

GiBee said...

Thanks, Christy... One of the great things about our country is that we can vote as our conscience, heart, and convictions lead. I totally respect you for your individual vote, but at the same time, I still fear for our country.

On another note... I have a couple last words I'd like to share ... everyone totes that Palin has no experience ... but honestly -- how does Obama qualify MORE than Palin? And he's running for PRESIDENT??? He doesn’t even have any major legislative achievements on his side, and has only been a Senator for 4 yrs, and he has run for President for more than half that time. Back in 2004, Obama even ruled out running for President in 2008 because he (in his own words) said he was a "believer of knowing what you’re doing" when you apply for a job. Granted, it's not that he has NO legislative experience but it is sparse and it is mainly on politically safe issues.

Palin, on the other hand, passed a tax increase on oil company profits, pushed through bipartisan ethics reform bill in Alaska, and she enacted the Alaska Gas line Inducement Act (AGIA) to set up a natural gas pipeline in Alaska. She has also taken on her own party by ousting two well-established incumbents, opposed the reelection of some Republicans because of ethics/corruption charges, and resigned from her post at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as a protest to 'lack of ethics'. Senator Obama does not have a bipartisan record or a history of taking on his own party in any way.

Agreeably, both Palin and Obama are short on foreign policy experience, but again, Palin isn’t running for President. However, Palin has run a town, a state, and she's the commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard.

In any case, I'm more than willing to concede that maybe Obama did not flip McCain the bird.

Jill said...

I respectively disagree with you.
I am an independent, my husband typically votes Republican.

A couple of points to ponder... The Annenberg Foundation is Walter Annenberg, who was a friend of Ronald Reagan's. So much so, that the Reagan foundation gave a huge grant to the "The Annenberg Learning Center. " This is one of the people that Obama is linked to, that you think he should not associate with.

The entire Reverend Wright speech is no doubt filled with hate and misinformation. I listened to the entire speech, not just the sound bites. To me it sounded like the black version of Rush Limbaugh. I too cannot believe that 20 million people listen daily to someone like Rush Limbaugh spew hate and evil and misinformation on behalf of the Republican party.

Hispanic voters are solidly behind Obama. I live in Texas girl- believe me.

Sarah Palin taking from "big oil companies" and .... SPREADING THE WEALTH to the citizens... is socialism. Social Security and Medicare are socialism as well.

The $150,000 wardrobe was a big deal. The Republicans took my husband's campaign contribution and went to Saks and Neimans to purchase clothes for Sarah. There is no way to spin this. It was a mistake and a misuse of funds. They could have spent this on advertising for other Republicans trying to get elected.

Sarah Palin was an unfortunate choice for Vice President and probably cost McCain, who is a wonderful patriot, the election. He is a 71 year old man who has survived 4 bouts with cancer, I don't think people feel very secure with a woman that her own Republican handlers have labled a "Whack job and Diva" and "lacking basic fundamental knowledge of national and international issues." Republicans said this, not the liberal media.

I have some the most amazing Christian customers. They walk in abundant faith, and speak daily of their love for Jesus Christ. They also happen to be voting for Obama.

I don't think God is a Dem or Rep. I think Karl Rove,the architect of the Republican party and an agnostic, somehow convinced the Christian right that the Republican's were God's party. This is just wrong.

Again, I disagree with you. I do however, think that we live in a great country that allows us the freedom to openly disagree. I read your blog enough to know that you have a wonderful heart and I wish you the best.

Thanks for letting me barge in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I couldn't agree with you more. There is one question I have been wanting to ask for a LONG TIME now and it is for all the Christian Obama supporters.


If you look at no other issue, look at the issue of abortion and his voting record. There are other issues there, too, but if someone could please shed some light on this for me, I'd be greatly appreciative.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Well, McCain won in my state, but unfortunately didn't win overall. I supported him all the way! I think our country is in big trouble now with the newly elected person. Hopefully we will survive these four years and better things will come after that.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I think we are in for big trouble now that McCain didn't make it.

One of my coworkers said her daughter (attends a large university) said that a large group of dark-skinned students were telling each student who came into the school lobby that all whites would have to "answer to them now." My oh my.... I sure hope all settles down and soon.