Monday, April 13, 2009

I went... I shopped...

I left empty handed.

I didn't find ANY cute sandals. NONE. My heart was broken. I had to recycle a pair of 2-year old sandals... which is just fine, but there's just one problem. I already saw the others. My heart was set on one of them --any of them.

But Nooooooo. Evidently -- they don't make cute sandals in a gugomgatious boat-foot size.

I'm never shopping again.

Ok, that was a little white lie. I will shop again... eventually.

Sigh. Lord forgive me anyhow.

Saturday, we went shopping for sandals for Hunter in the pouring rain and SCORED! BIG TIME. My mom bought him a pair of Ecco sandals for $30 --normally priced $63. I got them so they would fit all summer. I love this style of sandals, because it keeps them looking like little boys -- not little men. That will come all too soon! Those are his dress sandals. I did get him a pair of rubber and velcro water sandals at Walmart to play in, and I'll probably get him a pair of Keen's in a little while. Gotta save up for those babies!!! I love them because they are all-terrain shoes for tough little kids that put a beating on their tootsies. That's my boy!!! Usually, though, he only gets shoes from JC Penny's, Kohls, Target or Walmart -- so he's been spoiled this weekend!

So what kind of cuteness did you see this weekend?


Christy said...

I LOVE the Keens and and still debating on getting them for my son this summer. He had some last summer and they were great. I know what you mean about no cute sandals. I am having the problem here, shopping for my 3 yr old.

Blondie said...

Define "gugomgatious"

I wear an 11 WIDE (I usually end up in a men's 10 and there are no cute sandals there - for women!) and it is virtually impossible to find any kind of shoes for me! I have amassed quite a casual sandal collection, but it has taken me many years!