Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Long Time Coming...

Recently, my job changed schedules on me. I now work 9-80's, and I get to enjoy every other Friday off.

DUDE! This schedule SO ROCKS. I have had a huge, enormous list of things to do in my house, and little-by-little... I've been KNOCKING THEM OUT, and having two Friday's off each month has been so tremendously helpful! Working full time is NOT conducive to maintaining an organized home.

Oh, my ... but I have gotten SOOO much done over the past few months!

Here's what I've done so far (on both my free Fridays and weekends)... are you ready for this?

1) I organized my coat closet. SO GROSS. There was street grit in every corner of that floor. Not, my coats are hanging, games are on the shelf, and I have repurposed an under-used vinyl over the door shoe thingie to hold all my scarfs, hats, mittens and gloves. Beautiful!

2) I organized Hunter's coat zone. This is an area I set up for Hunter to the left of our front door, across from our coat closet (we do not have a Mud Room). He has two hooks that I hung (I just used those wonderful, blessed, removable 3M hooks -- love them) where he hangs his jackets. I placed a bin underneath the hooks for him to place his shoes in. Folks, this really works. He may not do it every single time he walks through that front door, but all I have to say is: "Honey, hang your coat on your hook and put your shoes in your bin." And guess what? He does it! Marvelous!

3) I organized my pantry. Oh, how necessary this was. It had gotten to the point where there was absolutely no rhyme or reason to how things were getting thrown in there, and it was simply driving me batty! I pulled everything out, tossed all things we will never eat because we hate it with a passion (not much there) or expired things (or things close to expiration that I would not be able to use -- like a half a box of powdered milk), and regrouped our stuff the way I like it. You'd be amazed at all the expired stuff (or close to) that might be lurking in your pantry... like 2 full trashbags in my case! So nice!

4) I organized my laundry closet. I took out anything that DIDN'T BELONG -- and trust me -- there was a LOT, and got rid of it (either repurposing, trashing, or putting in the right place). I placed an over the door ironing board hanger up and put my ironing board there, and cleaned the shelves and organized the soaps and softeners and dryer sheets, etc. Beauty, mate!

5) I organized my cabinet where I store all my glasses. All the old plastic crap came out. I made a section for Hunter's cups, organized the glasses, etc. Lovely!

6) I organized the family room. I took out like 3 bags full of toys for Goodwill, and surprisingly (not!), getting rid of all those toys really opened up the area. I'm getting ready to move a bookshelf around to make the room look more open. I'm also putting pictures in new frames and getting ready to hang them up on a blank wall this weekend. By the way... I got the picture frames at Joann's for 50% off!

7) I organized my den/craft room. It was nasty. Now it isn't. Enough said.

8) I swapped out my winter clothes with my spring/summer stuff.

9) I selected the colors for my kitchen and bought two small cans of paint to try it out. My husband wanted a tomato-orangish color. I wanted pear green. I won. I think we'll be test-painting this weekend.

10) I have started to de-clutter my kitchen with the anticipation of newly painted walls and new window treatments.

11) I organized my bedroom! I cleaned it! I threw away trash and old papers and magazines! Lots of it! I gave away lots of stuff to Goodwill! I made new window treatments! I made a new spread and pillows for my bed! Simple! Clean! Beautiful! Wonderful! It makes me want to end everything with an exclamation point! I used the new Christie Brinkley fabric collection which was 50% off at Joann Fabrics (and will be until May 2!). Some of the fabrics are organic, most of them are easy-care (washing machine safe), and can be found in the decorator fabric section.

I leave you with a picture of one side of my room ... (ignore the temporary plastic bin being used as a night table on my side of the bed -- it's ugly, but no money to replace it right now!)

I am ON A MISSION to organize my home... little by little, by little, by little. Don't mess with me!

My mom would be so proud.

Quick things I've always known (drilled into my head by my mom), but didn't really "get" until just now: 1) If everything has a place, it is easier to find -- but ONLY if you put it BACK in its place. 2) Less is better. 3) Decorate your home in a way YOU will LOVE, because it is an incentive to keep it clean and organized! 4) Once you clean and organize, keep it up -- even daily in some instances. 5) Refolding stuff to make it look nice and neat and removing clutter and knick knacks is free and makes your house look nicer!

In the next few weeks, I'll share some inexpensive decorating ideas I got from surfing around the internet.

For more tips, you simply MUST go to I'm An Organizing Junkie. She's awesome!


Susanne said...

I'm very jealous of your Friday's off. I would even love one Friday a month off just to help get all that stuff done that you're talking about and to do running around.

I've been on a purge kick lately too. Especially of knick knacky kinds of stuff. The clutter and dust magnets that they are really got to me and I've shown no mercy. LOL.

Elizabeth said...

Wow that is an absolutely awesome schedule! Look at all those items, I stay home and cannot even manage to do that!!

Tina said...

GiBee, this looks and sounds awesome! So how does 9-80's work? ... 9 hour days???

Great job!

Laura said...

Girl you have no idea how proud I am of you! Love your list of things you've learned and are putting into practice. So great!