Thursday, October 08, 2009

It Aint Easy Being Cheesey

It just aint.

Someone at my job ... I'm not sure who ... went out and purchased a wholesale club size package of Cheetos cheese puffs, and poured it into one of those huge clear empty pretzel tubs, and set it by my cube.

Frankly, I'm pretty ticked off about this. So are my hips.

I would gladly thank whoever placed those here, to MOVE them before I am forced to EAT them all.

Oh, my stars, but they are delicious. And, since they are mostly made of air, they can't be all that bad, can they!?

Does anyone know how to remove the orange cheese stain from your finger nails? Someone here was asking, that's all... thanks!


Sara said...

For our church we sometimes bring an industrial size bag of cheese puffs for the congregation to snack on after the service. Guess who grabs them most? No, not the kids - it's the seniors! They tell me that they'd never buy a bag for themselves, but they love to have a handful now and then. You are in good company with all the sweet seniors at our church!

flippflop said...

I love em too! Cheese stains just come with them as incriminating evidence.