Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank you!!!

Thank you to all you dear friends of mine for all your wonderful birthday wishes, emails, cards, and gifts... yes, gifts.

Friday, I got home from work, and I was feeling very poorly. My head ached. My throat ached. It was an achy breaky kind of feeling ... like when you're getting sick. I walked in the door, and there ... waiting for me ... was this (pictures are bad ... I was using my cell phone camera):

Which had this in it ...

Now -- I won't announce who sent it to me, 'cause I don't want to embarass her ... but, if you read her blog, then you'll know from the peanuts and red-hots who it is... which, by the way, is a surprisingly YUMMY combination! Isn't the box adorable? And the homemade gift was very touching! Thank you to my generous and special friend! It cheered me up like you won't believe! I actually got something in the mail that I didn't pay for, and that someone made just for me! What a wonderful feeling!

Then yesterday, my husband and I ran some errands (without the baby!!!), ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and went out for ice cream -- I'm not usually an ice cream person, but seeing that it was my "birthday weekend" -- I splurged, and forced my self to eat some yummy chocolate-marshmallow ice cream. We went to Brewsters, and thinking that I would be conservative, I only asked for one scoop. This is what they gave me (

It's OBVIOUS this person failed math in high school, because this is THREE, maybe four, scoops -- not one! I felt sick just looking at it. But, ate it ... since I didn't want to waste it. Can you blame me?

Then, this evening, I got a huge chuckle at my husband's cousin's expense, poor guy. You know how sometimes, one sibling gets all the smarts, and the other one gets ... well, not all the smarts? So, my husband was talking to his two cousins (who are brothers) about going away on a hunting trip with them. The older brother says, "Yeah, I've always wanted to hunt in Saskatchewan." My husband patiently explained that it would be fun, but when you hunt out of the country, it can get pretty expensive, because you have to hunt with a guide, and traveling to Canada is also expensive. Plus, it can get pretty cold!" To which the older cousin replied, "Canada? I thought Saskatchewan was in Texas."

Yes. He did.


My husband laughed while he was telling me this story, then shook his head and said, "My boy ... I love him. I gotta help him out however I can." Wasn't that sweet?


Jen said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday to you.
That icecream looks yummy. What a lovely hubby spoiling you like that :) Maybe he told them it was your birthday???
pleased you had a good birthday weekend

sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!! (a little late...)
I'm glad you had a good day. May your next year be greatly blessed.

aggiejenn said...

Hope your day was extra special!! :-)

And we do have some strangely named towns in this state, Saskatchewan not being one of them. :-)

momrn2 said...

Yummy... looks like you celebrated your birthday just fine. Look at all that chocolate!! :-)

Again, hoping you had a wonderful day and weekend!!

Susanne said...

Okay, from this Canadian, I'm asking how on earth did he think Saskatchewan was in Texas? Glad to hear that you knew where it was! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

Shalee said...

So glad it lifted your spirits, GiBee! You so deserve that considering the way that you lift ours.

And if I ever get to DC like I want, you are so taking me to THAT ice cream store!

Faith said...

A late Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!!!! I hope you will forgive me for my tardiness!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Fabulous ice cream. And happy birthday!

Makes sense that maybe there could be a Saskatchewan in Texas, since we have Paris, Rome, Athens, and a billion other cities that really belong other places. :) I don't think there really is one though.