Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cupcake Contest, anyone???

Anyone up for a fun summer cupcake baking contest?

If you are, let me know in the comments (or email me). I have been wanting to do one this summer, but didn't know if anyone would be interested or not...

Here are the sketchy rules*:

1) The cupcakes can be made with a box mix, but must have some extra "stuff" thrown in to make it a "scratchy-homemade" cupcake. So, relax ... homemade doesn't mean totally from scratch in this instance!
2) The cupcakes must have a 100% completely home-made frosting.
3) They should be as original as possible.
4) The recipe used for both cupcake and frosting must be provided upon submission.
5) A picture must be submitted of your frosted creation.
They can be decorated nicely, or just a plain-jane cupcake ... whatever you want ... but the winners will most-likely be chosen based on the following categories/criteria*:
1) most scrumptious-est cupcake
2) Most extravagantly decorated cupcake
3) Most outlandish cupcake
4) Most likely to be eaten by children
5) Most decadent cupcake for adults
If we do indeed have a cupcake contest, I will choose guest judges that love to bake, and will ask them to help decide on the final guidelines and winners... meaning that they will have to be able to actually bake your creation!

And of course ... there WILL be prizes ... oh, will there ever!

So, once I hear/read all 5 of my lovely readers opinions ... I'll make a decision, and an announcement will be posted soon!

*Criteria and rules will be finalized once guest judges are selected and give me their input.


Susanne said...

A baker I am not, Gibee. Love to cook, cannot bake. And cupcakes? Oy vay. So I will look and drool and wish. :v)

kpjara said...

I would LOVE to participate...I'm sure I can come up with some outlandishly decorated cupcake!!! What fun!

MotoMom said...

I recently and bought a cupcake stand. I thought my kids and I would have fun decorating them. Count me in!

Sara said...

I would like to join you as well in this contest. Sounds like fun!

Tarrah said...

I have recently found your blog and have been really enjoying it. I love to bake, especially from scratch, so I would love to join in on the contest. Thank you.

Org Junkie said...

I can't bake either but my daughter sure can so she might be interested in helping me out!

Robin@MyPursuitOf... said...

I've got cupcakes to make for my little guy's 3rd birthday in late July. I might be able to come up with an entry.

flipflop said...


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

I might possibly participate, depends on timing (we are moving soon) and how well the creative juices flow.

Anna said...

I would LOVE to participate...I love your blog..just found it and is now a definite must-read!!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'll definitely promote it and talk it up. I have to say, usually I do cupcakes from a box and almost never make homemade frosting either. I might try though. :)