Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WFMW: Receipts in order and Picture Card storage

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a Christmas edition of Works for me Wednesday ... go check out all the tips flowing freely from us to you!

Here are two tips I find enormously helpful.

The first one is for my picture card storage for after Christmas. I take all the beautiful Christmas cards with pictures of your children and place them in a small album. Right now, I'm using a "brag book" sized album, which is plenty big enough. I keep it out all year long so I can look through it and see pictures of family and friends. If I get a letter with it, I fold it up and tuck it behind the picture. If I get a 5x7 picture, I'll cut it to fit into the album sleeve, and place the cut piece behind it so I know who it is. Easy peasy!

The second one is receipt organization. A year ago (or so), I purchased a set of Organizing Bags from Lara Gallagher at The Lazy Organizer. First of all, I love the ruggedness of these bags. They are a thick black canvas-like material on the back, and a thick clear plastic on the front with ZIPPERS to keep everything contained! Love it. Anyway, I keep one of the smaller ones in my purse, and all receipts go into the bag (including shipping receipts). I use the "small bag" which is 6x9", and it doesn't have a handle on it (and I like it like that, too!). Someone once asked me (when I did a purse meme one time) how long I expected to keep my purse in order. My answer? Always. If I keep all my receipts in this bag, then it keeps my purse clean for ... well ... purse things! Here are some pictures for you (sorry they are so hazy -- took them with the cell phone in my car this morning -- real live action going on here!):

Hope some of these tips are helpful to you! Have a great week!


Susanne said...

Great tips, Gibee!

SAHMmy Says said...

Love the receipt bag idea! I've been using a small zippered pouch, but it's overstuffed! The Lazy Organizer bags look like a better size.

Vickie said...

I use something similar but they are clear all the way around. I bought mine at Wal Mart and use several of them for various things. I posted about how I use them last week on WFMW. I may have to check out these bags that you have to see if they have a larger size than what I am using.

I have been a lurker on your blog for over a year now and just now commented. I always love to read your blog and enjoy especially your holiday gift ideas!

Have a blessed holiday!

momrn2 said...

I've been wondering what to do with all of those photos that come. DUH!

A little photo album is a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing this!!

Org Junkie said...

Love the organizing bags! I use them for all sorts of things, including my receipts too!

TM said...

I just LOVE coming here! What great ideas!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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