Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow Cooker Recipe Contest

Last week, while I lay on my death bed (stomach virus), I was watching Good Morning America -- and I saw that they are "searching for the best slow-cooker recipe in the nation." Emeril Lagasse is testing all the recipes and hosting the contest along with Good Morning America.

Now, I know that you ALL use your crockpot like a third arm ... so ... go searching in your recipe collection for an original, slow-cooker recipe that can be called "the best in the nation!"

I'm thinking of entering my own beef stew recipe, which simply melts in your mouth with deliciousness and goodness.

So, this is your chance to share your meal idea with the country. Send in your entry to "GMA" and Emeril as part of their Slow Cooker Showdown. Go HERE for all the rules and stuff.

One entry per person. Send your original slow cooker recipe, along with an essay of no more than 100 words stating why it is the best slow cooker recipe. If possible, include a photograph of the finished slow cooker recipe. Please be sure to include your name, address, all phone numbers and an e-mail address (if available). Recipe and personal information will not count toward the 100 word essay limit.

Mail entries to:
Emeril's Slow Cooker Showdown
Ansonia Station
P. O. Box 234081
New York, NY 10023-9412

Or enter online at the Good Morning America contest page at

Entries must be in by February 27.

Now... doesn't that sound like fun?


Barb said...

My goodness, it seems like about half of Bloggityville has a stomach virus. No fun, and I hope you're feeling a lot better.

I mostly follow recipes when I use my slow cooker, but there IS my own recipe for spare ribs. Hmmmmm. How fun would that be? To win this contest? Thanks for the heads up.

LvlyRita said...

Better let us know the recipe you're sending in. It's probably great. Although my crock pot is small. I had 3 given to us at our wedding shower, but as a new wife I thought I'd only need a small one so took the large family style crock pots. I'm sure they aren't that expensive, right?