Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WFMW: Stomach Bug Hydration

Thanks to Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer for hosting the Works for Me Wednesday Tip Carnival -- you'll want to go HERE to get hundreds (literally) more tips!

So ... I have another totally non-spiritual post -- Hey! I'm on a roll here!

This is a tip I found MOST helpful while I was sick for SEVEN DAYS with the stomach virus that came straight from down below the earth's core where it is really hot and fiery. And molten lava.

On the 5th day, I had HAD it. I went to my doctor, and he prescribed an anti-nausea medication which was like nectar from the heavens. But, that's not the tip.

He proceeded to tell me to go straight to the hospital for some IV Fluid and some Electrolyte action. I asked him if he had fallen out of the crazy tree, hit every crazy branch on the way down, and forgot I had a three year old, and going to the hospital was not happening... because, no matter HOW hard my husband works at caring for my three year old, I couldn't do it to him.

Then, he (the doctor) gave me the two most profound tips (at that moment in time) that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

He said that 1) no matter how sick to your stomach you are, once you get fluids in your system you will really feel better ... but more importantly, 2) he gave me this code to live by when attacked with the stomach bug: Semi-solids IN, Semi-solids OUT ... Liquids IN, Liquids out. If you've had the stomach bug, you know what I'm referring to... if you haven't, I'll explain it off line. And as an FYI -- anything in a semi-frozen or pureed state (like applesauce) is what he's referring to.

ANYHOW ... on my way home, I stopped at the local Smoothie joint (ok, it was out of my way) and got a super-duper large mango smoothie with three-times extra electrolytes.

Remember what the doc said... semi solids in ... you know where I'm going.

I proceeded to sip slowly on that thick smoothie and guzzled naked Gatorade the rest of the day, forcing fluids into my body, and sure enough, I felt so, SO much better. Especially after the anti-nausea meds kicked in and I could actually HOLD something in.

Moral of this tip: If you are sick to your stomach (in either direction), eating applesauce is better than drinking apple juice. Burnt toast helps absorb acid (the carbon on the burned part). Smoothies made with electrolytes are heaven's answer to being sick.

Homemade Remedy: If you have been sick for a while, and are in need of electrolytes, try making a smoothie at home... Mind you, these are rough calculations -- try it out and master your own recipe. In a blender, mix about 8-10 ounces of Gatorade or pedialyte, 1 cup of ice, 2 scoops of sorbet (trust me on this one - don't cut the sorbet out and DO NOT substitute it with ice cream or yogurt or ANYTHING dairy -- just DON'T) and some frozen fruit. Blend until smooth and sip slowly through a straw. If you're having a problem with the smoothie sticking to the blades and freezing up, it needs more liquid (use Gatorade or pedialyte again). I personally love the combination of Mango Sorbet, Frozen Mango pieces -- yum. And when I'm not sick, we make this with some simple syrup or juice instead of the Gatorade.

Semi-solids, and electrolytes.

Works for me!


Erin said...

Thank you, this was a timely suggestion as I have another sick child (they have rotated the bug for the past three weeks.)

I don't have the ingriedents on hand, but I'm copying your smoothie recipe so I know what I need.

Another idea, I found from a previous WFMW posting, is Propel. You can buy mix packets, add to water and voila, a drink with electrolytes and a flavor my kids can tolerate. For some reason Gatorade does not agree with their taste buds when they are sick and I don't blame them for not wanting pedialyte.

Hope you are feeling better.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh how I hate the stomach virus! You poor thing for having it for so long! Thanks for sharing your tips, though, anything that makes the bug easier is pure gold!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Did he also tell you that once you become severely dehydrated, it induces vomiting thus dehydrating you even farther? It can become a very vicious cycle! Staying hydrated is important, even as difficult as it may be.

Good for you for finding a way to do just that! I hope I remember this post next time we are facing a similar dilemma.

Wani said...

that smoothie thing actually sounds kind of good.

Goslyn said...

We currently have this bug, so thank you for this tip! We will be employing it in the morning. My 3-yr-old hasn't been able to keep anything down all day.

milissa said...

oh my goodness...i wish i knew this last week...although i wouldn't have known last week that i NEEDED to know this...i came down with mean stomach bug last friday...and now it makes sense why it took so long for everything to start working right again. GREAT tip. I hope I don't ever need to know this again...but if I do, I'm prepared. :)