Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall Decorating Ideas

Momrn2 recently did a post Requesting Fall Ideas So ... I thought I'd throw out some of my ideas for her and for you ... and if you have any you'd like to blog about, go on over to her post and add your name to her Mr. Linky ... otherwise, feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section!

About fall decorating: I LOVE to use natural things and then accent them with candles. Here are a few ideas:

Idea Numero Uno: I always love fall foliage, and if you have beautiful leaves falling all around you, you can collect them and place them in small bowls or baskets.

Idea Numero Dos: Some leaves even have long enough stems that you can make a nice fall flower arrangement with them. Place them, along with freshly cut mums or any other seasonal flower from your yard (or your neighbors ... I won't tell) in a small juice glass filled with water. That will make a nice "nosegay" arrangement (small, compact, viewed from all sides).

Idea Numero Tres: If you have older children that have outgrown their little orange pumpkin-shaped trick-or-treat buckets, you can do a few things with them -- a) fill the bucket with wrapped candies and place it on an end table or coffee table; b) fill the bucket with seasonal flowers and/or leaves (place a cup of water in the middle of the bucket for the flowers); c) fill the bucket with homemade cookies if you're having company

Idea Numero Quatro: I like to use a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you place them in a nice bowl or basket, you can use them as a centerpiece at your dinner table or dining room table. Pumpkins, gourds, squash, zucchini, egg plant, grapes, apples, nuts, etc. (Just remember to check them and rotate them so they don't get all moldy on you!)

Idea Numero Cinco: I love to place fresh pumpkins at the front door. If you do anything like this, remember to place things in "odd-numbered" arrangements. For instance ... Three pumpkins in graduating sizes.

Idea Numero oh-heck... it's idea #6: If you have a lamp post, you can tie corn stalks around it. Most local farms are cutting their corn stalks down around this time, so you can probably get them for free... Don't forget to place some pumpkins at the bottom!

Idea #7: Make a scarecrow with some old children's jeans, shirt, boots, a rope for a belt, and raked leaves or grass clippings for stuffing. Use old panty hose for the head/body, and put a hat over the head. Place your scarecrow at the front door sitting on a lawn chair next to the pumpkins!

Idea #8: I love to use fresh apples to decorate with. I will get yellow, red and green apples (different sizes), place them in a large bowl or basket and put them on my counter.

Idea #9: You can hollow out numerous pumpkins in various sizes, and with a drill, you can drill holes in them and when you place a candle in the middle, it will shine through the holes! Cute!

Idea #10: You can hang Indian Corn from your door as a make-shift fall "wreath."

Now ... having said all this, I probably won't decorate this year, because I have a little one under foot ... we'll have to wait and see!

Don't forget to share YOUR ideas!!!


Susanne said...

Pics of your house decorated up would be nice to look at!

All great ideas, Gibee! I've been wanting for years to do something with my entry way outside. I'll use some of these!

kpjara said...

I like to hollow out a pumpkin and put fresh Fall flowers in it for a housewarming gift or fall gathering. Or for my own home.

kpjara said...

Oh I forgot and I LOVE seasoned pumpkin seeds! It's a blast to do this with the nephew and niece...cause it's gross feeling and only a kid can appreciate that yucky feeling! and man do those babies taste yum-dilly-icious!

Heather Smith said...

I'm sure your house will be lovely for the fall!

momrn2 said...

What fantastically wonderful ideas!! Thanks for sharing these wtih me/ us!! Definately going to try and use some of them!

Faith said...

You go girl!! I don't do jack!! I do love fall, I just don't do seasonal decorating - too lazy, I guess!!

Shalee said...

I love fall too, but I'm with Faith. I'm usually to busy to get much done or too tight to be concerned about it.

But I love the leaves idea. That is free and easy.

Barb said...

Wonderful ideas. My three favorite fall decorating ideas are a centerpiece basket full of gourds and squashes on the dining room table (is that a word? squashes?), cinnamon and spice scented candles and a big bowl of apples on the kitchen counter. I found a wonderful idea, a way to glitter-paint gourds and paint the stems brown for an arrangement, on Martha Stewart's website last year. You use kind of transparent glitter so the natural colors show through. Gorgeous and they last all fall and winter long. Gourds are virtually indestructible!

Beck said...

Very excellent ideas - and you should post pictures! My favorite fall "decorating" idea, by the way, is to have lots of hot cider going on the stove. Very autumnal!

Katrina said...

Great ideas, GiBee! I love fall and it's the only time of the year (besides Christmas) that I do any "seasonal decorating." Love your suggestions, and I'll be implementing several of them!

Carol said...

Move over Martha Stewart! GiBee's got it going on!

Lovely ideas, girl!

Chappyswife said...

Great ideas! I bet your home looks great in the fall with all of these decorations.