Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fall Into Reading Challenge

As I've mentioned before, on numerous occassions, and at numerous blogs, I have been reading the same book since January of 2006. I'm still on chapter 3. Or maybe it's 4. I love reading. It's one of my passions ... but ... maybe it's time to set it aside, and try something new?

Katrina, from Callapider Days, has put out a Fall Into Reading Challenge. Now, while I look at this challenge as very, VERY daunting at this time in my life (working full time with a 1 year old and husband, and cavernous home to care for after work), I'm willing to give it a try. Why? Well, because Shannon, from Rocks in My Dryer, had this very inticing and convicting comment in her post about the challenge, and posting our reading lists on-line: "...maybe having it recorded for all posterity will convict us to WALK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and pick up a real live book." Ouch. And to top it off ... I watch too much news. Okay -- call it what it is ... T.V. There. I said it. Out loud. Kinda. Anyway, I've decided to give the Reading Challenge a try. (I think I may have lost my mind!)

Here is a list of books I would like to try to read (can you sense a theme from the first four books?):

Home With a Heart by Dr. James Dobson: Find wisdom and encouragement on 120 family-related topics from achieving a high-voltage marriage, to beating burnout, to grabbing teachable moments, to managing temper tantrums. Oh, how I need this book!

Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James C. Dobson: The Joys And Challenges Of Raising Boys Explained

The New Strong-Willed Child by Dr. James C. Dobson: advice on shaping the will of the strong-willed child. Learn the strategies that succeed, those that fail, and the encouragement of knowing how that headstrong child can become a man or woman of great character.

Creative Correction - Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline by Lisa Whelchel: When your children aren't behaving, getting frustrated seems the next most logical thing to do. Don't let yourself! Instead, become inspired with Creative Correction! Sometimes the tried methods aren't so true. This book gives great tips for practical alternatives that will be more rewarding -- for both you and your children!

Change-up on theme (I may just have to "mix" up the books so I don't get crazed with discipline!):

Fingerprints of God -- Recognizing God's Touch in Your Life by Jennifer Rothschild: You know how meaningful a touch can be--soothing, encouraging, warm. But can the invisible God warm you with His unseen hand? Can His touch affirm you and guide you? Can His embrace comfort you and restore your sense of value? In her poignant, winsome say, Jennifer Rothschild reveals that God's touch is not skin on skin, but it's just as real. No human touch can be so intimate, so true. And your very life is covered with His fingerprints

Lessons I Learned in the Dark by Jennifer Rothschild: At the age of fifteen, Jennifer Rothchild confronted two unshakable realities: Blindness is inevitable...and God is enough. Now this popular author, speaker, and recording artist offers poignant autobiographical sketches that illuminate a path to freedom and fulfillment despite adversity. You'll catch a glimpse of the author's unique--yet univeral--struggles as a college student, newlywed, parent, and friend who's had to learn to live out her faith in the dark.

This is more reading than I have done in the last year, but, I've really got to get back into it, because I love it so much.


aggiejenn said...

Looks like a great list! I've heard Jennifer Rothschild in person, but never read her books. Let us know how you like them! And you can leave put your book in your checked baggage when you go to Ft. Worth because flying with a 1yo doesn't allow for reading! :-)

Susanne said...

Hee! You might have to add a fiction in there to break up all the heavy duty study books! :v) It's a great list! The Strong-Willed Child is excellent and will give you many guidelines even if your little guy is not strong willed. Happy Reading, Gibee! Reward yourself each evening with a nice cup of cranberry or fall spice tea, a nice throw over your lap and a few pages of a book!

Lori said...

Love your book list! It sounds a lot like mine....

Well, I guess you bumped me off the last spot in Katrina's Mr. Lonky...Oh well, I had hoped to win a prize for being at the end...

Lori said...

Don't you hate it when you hit Publish and read "Mr. LONKY" as your comment is being sent through cyber-space?

Shalee said...

You are such a lemming. Just have to follow the crowd... :)

Good for you!

Oh... there is a shocking lack of fiction amongst that list. Let me recommend The Time-Traveler's Wife. It's a great one.

Barb said...

I'm laughing at Lori and her Mr. Lonky. I do that all.the.time. I'm a terrible proofreader.

And I missed Shannon's remark about picking up a real live book but I love it.

Yeah. If you've been reading the same book since January and are still on chapter 3, might be time to think about one from this list.

You really should throw in a tacky romance novel or something, just to break up all that heavy reading you've line up. :-)

Katrina said...

Hey, GiBee, I'm so glad you joined the challenge!, I think I see a theme there! It's a theme I've got going on my own bookshelves, too! Shannon's quote has been ringing in my mind too. I keep hearing this voice saying, "Walk away from the computer..." But sometimes, it's so hard to do!

Jane said...

Look forward to hearing what you thought of Lisa's book. I have read her blog but not any of her books. Enjoy your reading.

Monica - books are our friends said...

Lesssons Learned in the Dark looks good. Thanks for the tip. :)

org junkie said...

Hi Gibee, I don't know how I missed your is so similar to mine with all those parenting are you doing with the challenge? I'm not doing so great at all, fiction books keep calling my name...oops:) Laura