Monday, September 04, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

This is a quickie post, because we've been gone all day long shopping. We got in the afternoon so Hunter could get a quick nap, but he kept screaming and screaming and when I went into his room, I found that he had tossed both of his chupies (pacifiers -- they are called chupons [choo-pons] in spanish, and we just shortened it to chupies) and had an explosive diaper that was smeared all over his sheets, blankets, pillow, him, bear ... joy. It was up to his neck -- I kid you NOT! So much for a nap. No. Instead, he got a bath, which woke him up nicely, then we took him to the park to play on the swings, and then we had dinner with friends.

I'm pretty much wiped out. Of course, I wouldn't be so tired if I got to sleep in past 6:45 a.m., but that's when Hunter woke up, so we did too. Which meant Lauren got an early start to the morning, because I called her at 9:00 a.m., forgetting that there was an hour difference. Oops! Sorry, Lauren. Love ya! No! Really! I do!

Any way, my short posts always become long, so I'm stopping here and leaving you with my Menu plan for the week. Make sure to visit Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie and see more Menu Plan Monday participants!

Monday: Dinner at friends home
Tuesday: Stuffed Mexican Red Peppers with Salad
Wednesday: Chicken Marsala with Salad
Thursday: Stir fried rice and veggies
Friday: White Pizza and Salad
Saturday: Vegetable Lasagna Rolls with Garlic Bread
Sunday: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Salad
Back-up Meal: Frozen Fish Sticks with vegetables of some kind

That's it! Plain and simple.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to come back for Tuesday Toss-up... But make sure you do a bit of homework by reading Jeana's post on Truth and Love and Lauren's two follow-up posts: A Crucial Element and I Woke Up This Morning

Blessings to you all, and sleep tight!


org junkie said...

Hey Gibee! What a day you've had. I'm impressed you even found time to do a menu after all that. Hope your night is better. Laura

Susanne said...

I'm still trying to break the code to find out where you live so I can invite myself to your dinners! Yuumm!

And I feel for ya with the exploding diaper! Hope you have a good night's rest! And you called Lauren!!! How fun would that be! I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

Heather Smith said...

I hope you got some sleep last night! I've done a menu for this week, but I haven't started posting yet! Have a good one!

Tammy said...

My short posts always turn out long some how, too! ;)
And a hug to you for that lovely explosive diaper episode! Doesn't sound fun!

I really need to plan dinners out for the whole week, especially in this new fall year with homeschool starting. I think you just nudged me in that direction!

Stacey said...

Those sound like some awesome meals! I love planning my menu out a week early so I'm on top of it when that week rolls around. It also makes shopping that much easier!!