Wednesday, September 27, 2006


First, I have a quick question. It seems that my perfect and angelic little boy has taken a liking to throwing temper tantrums. Oh, yes. Temper tantrums. Joy. In fact, the other day, he threw a tantrum and a set of plastic (play) car-keys at his daycare provider. We are soooo not happy about this. But, we don't know what to do about it! So, I'm asking for suggestions on Christian books that we can read that will teach us how to (a) nip this in the bud now, and (b) discipline a one-year-old. You can either email me or leave me a message in the comment section. Now ... on to other randomness...

Last night, I had to run to the grocery store to get some milk and PediaCare for Hunter. When I got to the checkout, I looked in my wallet and saw that I only had five one-dollar bills. So, I paid by debit. Imagine my wonderful surprise this morning when I removed those same five one-dollar bills to pay for my breakfast, and low and behold, found that one of those ones was actually a ten, and one of those ones was actually a twenty! Now, I see this for what it is ... a total God thing. Why? Well, because have my money out of order. Ever. All my bills face the same direction, and they are all in sequential order. Always. And suddenly, they aren't. Suddenly, a ten and a twenty (and not in the right order, I might add), are tossed into the middle of a bunch of ones! So, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it's a God thing. Just when I needed gas in the tank, and I don't get paid until tomorrow. In fact, this morning, I was just wondering if I would make it until tomorrow morning, when the gas light flicked on. Now, I need not worry, hallelujah! Well, I guess I could have charged it ... but ... ummm ... Naaah. I'll save charging stuff for something more important ... like this! (oh, I just can't wait!)

My husband, on the other hand, throws his money into his wallet every-which-way [shudder]. I think it's a "man" thing. Fives, ones, twenties [a rarity], more ones, tens, crumpled ones, folded bills, wadded bills. It's just a regular Lollapalooza of mixed-up bills in his wallet. Therefore, he would probably NEVER notice a God think like I did. Thank goodness I keep my money organized! And, thank you Lord for your special gift this week! Now ... are you ready for more randomness?

You might as well know, that while my money is in order in my wallet ... my home is NOT in order. Strange, huh? Well, if I had a few more "God things" like I did today, and say, a few $100 bills were found in my wallet, I might be able to hire someone to organize my home ... but I know that's not what God wants me to use my money on. He wants me to buy some jewelry gasoline. Anyway ... Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie has encouraged me to organize my home (this is a ministry, people!). She even challenged me to take pictures and send them to her. GASP!!!!! So, this weekend, my organizing begins as I prepare my home for Hunter's First Birthday Party on the 7th (can you believe it?). My first items to tackle (hopefully this weekend) will be to baby-proof our home, sort all of Hunter's old clothing by size (in preparation of packing them away), pack away all knick-knacks that are within child reach, and pack away the CD holder and CDs, which amazingly, Hunter has NOT pulled down on himself yet (he is simply fascinated by CDs, and he is always pulling on the holder which stands about 4 feet high and is loaded with CDs -- "danger, Will Robinson!").

Have you ever noticed what an awful speller I am?

Finally, for some extra special randomness ... I had to share with you some cosmetic goodness. A few weeks ago, I took serious inventory of my old, OLD make-up, and how I had started to look without makeup ... a scary thought indeed, so I won't share pictures with you. Added to that, Hecht Company was purchased by Macy's last year, and a few weekends ago, they had their "grand opening," which really meant, "come on in and buy a lot of the same stuff, but get it on sale because we've changed our name!" Now, I know I've mentioned before that I don't go for name-brand cosmetics. In fact, I try to go as cosmetic free as possible, with the exception of some eyeliner and mascara. But, seeing that I was starting to look like a run-down, haggard excuse for a mom, I purchased some new cosmetics from Clinique, which I totally love. Their eyeshadows are so pretty, and yes, occasionally, I like to slap some color on my lids (read: for church). And Maybeline had decided to discontinue the colors I loved -- PERISH THE THOUGHT. So, I turned to Clinique. But... I look at it as a long-term investment. AND, I used my own spending money. So proud!

Anyway ... I found this scrumptious, beautiful, amazingly new lip gloss at the Clinique counter. It's called Full Potential Lips. It promises to plump your lips (I think it does). It promises to shine (it really does!). It's a small tube, and it's such a puuurty color. I got Voluptuous Violet. It's not really "violet" like the color our grandmas used to wear. It's more neutral, than anything. But it lasts a really long time, and I just love it. If you have my coloring, you should pop into the store and try it on ... I am a "winter" toned person -- pale-ish skin with a bit of red in my face, but with a violet undertone, and with brown hair (ignore the grey). And right now, Clinique is having a "Lucky Deal of the Month Sweepstakes" to win a free tube of this yummy stuff. So now, I wear eyeliner, mascara, AND lipgloss.

I know, I know ... so shey-shey-pooh-pooh.

So, now that you've read all my rambling randomness ... have a glorious day in the Lord!


org junkie said...

Oh Gibee, thanks for saying that. I struggled for so long thinking I didn't have any "gifts" to share with others especially at church. Oh how I wished I could sing or teach Sunday School. Then I started helping to organize things at the church and realized that my obsession really could be used for good and be pleasing to God. I'm happy to help! Laura

aggiejenn said...

Caleb has started throwing some tantrums himself. He'll sit down on the floor and throw his arms down and make grunting noises letting us know he is NOT happy! Let me know if you get any good advice!

Jeana said...

First of all, kids often start throwing tantrums at that age, so don't worry it's NORMAL. Often it's frustration because they know what they want to communicate but don't have the verbal skills to get it across, so some simple sign language will help.

Also, what does his time with you look like? If it's all him giving orders and you giving him what he wants, it needs to change. A little choice is okay, but if he's mostly calling all the shots you can expect him to throw a tantrum when you tell him no. So be sure he knows you're in charge and not the reverse.

Also, I may get some flack for this, but we're firm believers in the old swat and time out for a tantrum. Nip it in the bud.

Hope that helps!

Stacey said...

So Hunter has actually started acting out, huh? Don't worry! It's completely normal at this age. He's testing his boundaries and finding the buttons to push! I found 'Bringing Up Boys' and 'Raising a Mondern Day Knight' were wonderful books on raising boys. Great look into their little heads : )

I love that you organize your money... me too! It was totally a God thing to find that money, you're right!

I'll come help you get organized right after I finish my house : )

Shalee said...

dzI fully support Jeana's advice... all of her advice, especially the last bit.

I don't organize my money because I don't have any money. I could totally use a God thing in that department...

Glad you got the color going on. Please don't be too disappointed if you see a plain Sha in Oct. I usually have much more important things to worry about than make up, like did I just sit in jelly, do I have any coffee on my shirt or is there a booger just inside my nose? Yeah, it's the big stuff that gets me.

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous of the trip in October! But I'll be at Women of it won't be too bad.

Our kids have the same birthday! Celia will be 8 on the 7th. THAT, my friend, is hard to believe.

Maybe God can organize my money, too?

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous of the trip in October! But I'll be at Women of it won't be too bad.

Our kids have the same birthday! Celia will be 8 on the 7th. THAT, my friend, is hard to believe.

Maybe God can organize my money, too?

Susanne said...

Don't you just love "total God things". You just know He's in your everyday when that kind of thing happens!

Eyeliner, mascara and now LIPGLOSS?! My word, girl, you're making this mommy look like a schlep! :v)

Barbie said...

Sheparding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp is a great book for disciline;)

Barb said...

On my goodness, you cracked me up. Or maybe I cracked me up. OK, we both cracked me up because I so have to have my money in the right order, smallest bills first, all facing face forward and right side up. Anything else would have me tearing my entire purse apart to "fix" everything.

And the only makeup I own, all my makeup, including all their facial cleaning products, is Clinique. Period.

Can't help you with the tantrums other than to reassure you they do grow out of it. Really. They do. My Krissy stopped throwing tantrums just last year and she's only 27. :-)

Tammy said...

Yep, I have to agree with Jeana...a one year old thowing a tantrum is sadly just part of being "one". In fact, when my oldest and then only child was one, I was at my wit's end. But everyone told me the same thing. Of course, then it happened with both of mine again at age three, then five...and I hear it happens at age 13. (sigh) That recommendation of Shepherding a Child's Heart is on my Fall into Reading list...haven't read it yet, but hope to in a few weeks!

And loved your CD-Danger, Will Robinson phrase! LOL

One more thing...yours was the second testimony of God providing money to someone in need that I have read in the last 15 minutes! What a blessing!

MommieSunshine said...

I know what you're going through with the "tantrums". My son (he's 8 now) used to throw some that would make you want to run away. He started when he was almost 2. Screaming and banging his head on the floor or wall while smacking his hands on the floor. Would hit the wall/floor so hard it left big bruises and knots on his forehead. I called his pediatrician and took him to see her so she could check the bumps out. She said there's nothing really to do about it other than to ignore it (yeah I rolled my eyes at her and asked if she was serious lol) and he will eventually realize that's he's not getting the attention he wanted and will stop.
She was right. Though it was VERY hard to ignore the screaming and banging of the head (as I wanted to do that myself after a while) He did stop eventually.

Hope that helps you. God Bless!

Lauren said...

Money must be organized, nothing in life has to be though. God has done things like that more than once for me. He loves to surprise and provide for His kids doesn't He?

I need new makeup!!!
I need lip plumper!!

I can't wait to stay up late and talk all kinds of randomness with you!