Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday Toss-up

Finally, my lunch hour ... and now ... I can post. Whew. It's exhausting being busy at work! And apparently, everybody in my company has decided to surf the internet at this very moment, because it is slow, and I can not upload a photo I wanted to use because I keep timing out. Pooh!

Anyway, my friend Jeana from Days to Come has started another excellent series on Friendship... Y'all gotta check her out... Friendships--Bloggish and Otherwise Part 1. I'm tellin' you ... she's a "serious series kinda gal!"

And ... along the lines of her post, I wanted to pose these two questions for Tuesday Toss Up:

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How do you define the word "Gospel?"
What does "sharing the Gospel" mean to you?

Well ... what say you?


Heather Smith said...

The Gospel is what saves us. I Corinthians 15:1-8 talks about the Gospel. The Gospel is simply that Jesus died, was buried and rose again on the third day and that there were witnesses to His resurrection.
Sharing that Gospel can be done in different ways I guess because we all have different talents, but regardless of how we do it, we are commanded to share it. I sing and write, and those are my stronger ways of sharing, but I also try to tell those around me about Christ when a door is opened.
If we don't tell the world, they will never know. My thoughts anyway.

Stacey said...

To me the gospel is Jesus' story. Sharing the sospel is sharing that story with others and showing them what difference it makes in and through our lives. We can share through our actions, presence, words and attitudes. I think we all do it differently but I think each one of us has been called to do itas followers of Christ!

kpjara said...

The "Gospel" is the 'message of God'. It is the "Good News".

How do I share the gospel? My prayer is that in my life, my words, and my actions I am LIVING and breathing the gospel!