Saturday, October 21, 2006

From sickness to Homemadeness ... Oiy!

I'm here, I really am!! I've been caring for a sick baby, believe it or not! Hunter got his 1-year vaccinations two weeks ago, and the doctor said that he "might" have a small reaction. Well, apparently, with Hunter, when doctors say "might" ... they mean WILL. He has had a high fever, a spotty-measle-like rash, and general crankiness since Tuesday. Today is the first day he's feeling better. So... I will be busy cooking up a storm for Monday's Homemade Gift Idea Exchange!

I haven't read any comments, blogs, or e-mails since Tuesday morning, so I will try to catch up on them this evening. If you have e-mailed me asking me for the code for the button, I'll try to get it out tonight. Sorry about the delay!

Thanks for understanding my absence. Now...

Don't Forget ...

Homemade Gift Idea Exchange

Monday, October 23

Please join me in sharing ideas and tips for Homemade Gifts. I'll have several simple, everyday ideas, for economical homemade gifts, and I'll also be sharing some fun Thematic Basket/Container Gift Ideas that can be made from a collection/variety of items which can all be purchased in stores such as WalMart, Target, flea markets and antique stores, yard sales, or even the dollar store!

So, put on your thinking caps now, and get ready to share some of your brilliant ideas! I'll try to have Mr. Linky working by then ... I'm close -- real close! Also, I'll have some pictures so that you can see some of my ideas, and I'll provide you with recipes, gift tag ideas, tips, and links to other sources for purchasing gift wrapping supplies.

Please feel free to grab the button for your blog, and please link it back to my blog. Thanks! (or, email me and I'll send you the code)


Susanne said...

Oh so sorry Hunter has not been feeling well. Poor little duffer! I'm not so great in the homemade arena but if I can't think of anything, I still be coming over to get ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been on sick baby detail. Those vaccinations can be tough; but way better than the real thing!


Hope you get enough rest :-)

Jen said...

hope he gets better soon poor wee man

Angie said...

Hope your son feels better soon. I joined in on the homemade Christmas and have it on my blog - Wasn't sure how to link it!