Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News from Texas ... Coming Soon!

I am dying to share with you, but I still haven't even downloaded any of my pictures... and sadly, it's only pictures of Friday (and some on Saturday)... not many at all, really, because ... well ... I had my 1 yr old son with me ... yeah, that's it ... need I say more? Although, I guess I really can't use that as an excuse, because my wonderful, funny, beautiful and stylish sister in law (Sunshine) came with me in an "au pair" capacity ... So, anyway, I'm waiting for copies of GREAT pictures from people like Lauren, and Faith, and Tina (who has our group picture and is holding it hostage... okay, maybe not, but when I get it, I'll share it).

Anyway, I'll be back on soon ... after I've loaded my pictures. I'll leave you with this tidbit ... all the women were fabulous! Each one was just what I expected... no ax murderers, no stalkers ... just beautifully talented women ... moms ... away for the weekend ... laughing it up (fuzball). So make sure you hit their blogs sometime this week ... you might see a real-live picture of them!

And, a special, SPECIAL thanks to Lauren, Jeana and Carol for graciously planning this weekend. I had a wonderful time, and enjoyed everyone's company immensely! Special blessings to each one of you!

Tina from Antique Mommy
Lauren from Created For His Glory
Jeana from Days To Come
Chilihead from Don't Try This At Home
Faith from Faithful Mommy
Kep from Holding the Mirror to My Soul
Kelsey (& little Seth) from Holy Mama
Rachel Anne from Home Sanctuary
Sarah from In the Midst Of It
Me (GiBee) from Kisses of Sunshine
Megan from Life In a Nutshell
Minnie from Minnie Moments
Jan from My Mind...Lost...Strayed...or Stolen
Kelly from Overhead Under Grace
Katherine from Raising Five
AggieJenn (& little Caleb & her hubby Justin) from Reflecting Him
Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer
Shalee from Shalee's Diner (audio posts)
Carol from She Lives
CMommy Sing a Lullaby

WHEW!! That took a long time to link everyone, because of course... I had to read the posts about the weekend that are up already!

So until I get my photos downloaded ... Enjoy reading everyone else!


Anonymous said...

waiting... waiting... waiting...

Oh that's right, I was there!

Oh, and I loved you and I think you'll be my friend forever. Unless of course you have other plans.

In case anyone is wondering, I know it doesn't seem posible but GiBee is actually sweeter, kinder and more compassionate in person than she lets on here.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you, even though it was so short with my late arrival - I had no idea you'd come from so far! Tell Sunshine it was a pleasure meeting her and thank her for her "capacity." You are right - what a beautiful group of talented, NICE ladies.

Shalee said...

I'm with Lauren... I claim you as a favored sister and lifelong friend as well. Can you handle double duty? So when are we going to do this again? I'm free next weekend...

I didn't get many pictures, but that was because I left my camera in Kelsey's car... sigh. I still have the great images running in my head. That should count for something.