Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Toss-up

Isn't this bird beautiful? I took the picture off of Yahoo News -- not sure if I was supposed to, but I just had to share it with y'all -- Get this -- it's a new bird that has been discovered in a previously unexplored Andean cloud forest in Bogota, Colombia called the Yariguies brush-finch. Beautiful!! OK ... moving on to business...

Having A "Whatever" Attitude

Yesterday, I stayed home from work to take my now one year old (sigh) to the doctor for his one-year check up, vaccinations, and flu shot (Hunter did great). My mom, who is visiting from North Carolina, came with us, and after his appointment, we went to lunch, and then shopping.

While we were riding around our little quaint, and historic town, I started talking to her about how I longed to stay at home with Hunter, even if it was part-time, but how all the positions that I applied to at my company seemed to have the doors closed loudly and clearly.

I then went on to tell her that I, being the control freak that I am, was finding it difficult to release this into God's hands. I felt like God was directing me to pray that He would prompt my husband to make wise choices and decisions for our family's needs, and place the correct thoughts and ideas in his head for what was best for our situation... whether it be moving and scaling down to a smaller home, or having me continue working full time until another option becomes apparent to us. I asked Him to take care of us, and to give me the peace that I needed, and to help me move all the responsibility for our future into my husband's hands, without feeling the need to constantly be in the midst of all the decision making. Finally, I asked God to give me 100% peace, and to help me care for my family and focus only on what responsibilities I could or should handle ... caring for my husband, child, home, and my current job ... and to remove the stress of how we will "make things work" from my shoulders.

Instantly, I felt it. Peace. The kind that passes all understanding. I suddenly acquired a nonchallant "whatever" attitude ... not the 'bad' kind of "whatever attitude," but the "whatever your will is, Lord" attitude. And, I was reminded again of how our Father takes care of us... especially when we put His kingdom first. And, when I say that, I honestly feel that I am putting His kingdom first when I am going about, taking care of my responsibilities at home, raising a Godly son/children, caring for my husband, and being as involved as possible at church.

Matthew 6:25-34 tells us that if we only have faith, he will provide for us, and that we shouldn't worry about tomorrow, because there are enough worries in today. He clothes the lilies of the field. He feeds the birds in the air. And he loves us so much more than that!

Here is one thing I have learned ... a common emotion -- worry -- steals from us one of the most valuable things we posses ... "our todays" -- right now -- this very moment! It robs us of relationships with other people because our focus is somewhere else. It robs us of enjoyment making life unhappy. The enemy loves it when we succumb to worry because it distracts us from our family, our priorities, or Lord!

Trusting the future to God isn't easy, but it's the only way to remove worry from our life and find peace. No, we don't have an answer for the current desires of our heart (for me to be a SAHM), but you know what? I have peace. I trust my Father that he will guide my husband. And ... I can honestly say ... "Whatever, Lord! Whatever your will is, I will do it."

My toss-up to you is:

Have you been able to ask God to remove worry about something big out of your life, and have you been able to have a "whatever" attitude?

One last thing ... I had Chinese food for lunch today, and this is the "fortune" my cookie had in it... "Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life."

No. I don't think so! Praise God ... Jesus is guiding my life! And in HIM, and ONLY Him do I trust!


momrn2 said...

Ha ha ha... I laugh at this toss up only because I have so been there and am still in the middle of major transitions.

Although the big picture seems to be coming together... there are still many details that need to be worked out, to finalize, to put into place.

And yes, it would be so much easier to worry about them, to fret. Why is it that worrying is so much eaiser than believing and faith?

Perhaps it's because when we believe, when we have faith, when we trust... Satan has lost. He fights that for all he's worth. When we are worrying he's got us where he wants us.

I'm so happy for you dear friend! So very ecstatic for you that even in the midst of all the unknowns and desires you are beginning to experience some peace regarding all of this.

God has not forgotten you!!! He's just waiting for the perfect time! And, when you are least expecting it... He'll move on your behalf.

As a dear friend of mine reminded me in the middle of my moment... He'll "wow" you! :-)

aggiejenn said...

Recently I've given up worrying about when/if/how we will have our next child. It was consuming me with anxiety because we might be moving overseas and yada, yada, yada. I finally released it and haven't been worrying about it. I know He is in control and if we are seeking Him, He will know what is best for the next phase of our lives. And, so, I wait for His leading. (not always easy!)

Shalee said...

This is exactly where we are right now. And I'm so sorry to say that I am not fully "whatevering" God. I say it, but my words don't always touch my heart, especially since I feel that part of the "whatever" will involve selling the house that we've just purchased. (When we purchased it, Mr. Right was making much more money; then he was laid off a month after we moved into it and his present job doesn't pay as much.)

We so very much want to rid ourselves of debt and make it so that I don't have to work, but this will not be possible in our present situation without making some drastic changes - like selling the house, the house that we had to wait 5 years to afford and one that we truly enjoy. Now to sell it seems almost like failure to me, like we didn't do things right. I hate feeling so attached to an abode. It's just something that will deteriorate as time goes by...

I've been asking God to remove my attachment to it, to help me to trust in His vision of the future and to give this "worry" (which I cannot change one bit) over to Him completely, fully and with a cheerful heart. I really want to live a "whatever" life: a life that says no matter where I hang my hat, I will always be at home with God. A life that shows good stewardship with the finances with which He blesses us. A life that says I will depend fully on Him, not my present situation, not my past, not what I think God can accomplish. A life that remembers God's protection and provisions and holds to the promises that He hears our prayers and will answer in His good time.

These are my struggles in my heart - the fact that I KNOW God will provide our every need and the myth that I can do anything to help him. I need, once again, to sit back, relax and to enjoy His show. He's played it so many times before for me. But I tell you what: I always enjoy His reruns.

Thanks for the toss-up, GiBee. I really needed it.

janna said...

Ah yes, I've had that peaceful feeling and it is a good feeling isn't it? Although I'm battling with something now where I get the peace and then it goes, and I get the peace and then it goes. Quite a lesson to learn for us control freaks! :)

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Yes, I've been "able" to do it (or more accurately, God has been able to do it IN me), but it's a constant work in progress. It's not as if we can somehow magically reach the point where we hand situations to God and are no longer tempted to manage them ourselves! It requires daily yielding to Him, "re-giving" Him the situation minute by minute, sometimes.

Susanne said...

My biggest thing that I worry about is my kids. Especially now that 2 are teens and one a tweeny. I'm so bad for handing them to God in prayer and then taking it right back at the slightest bit of disturbance on their parts. The Lord is teaching me though, that they really are His, even at this age, with all their emotions, hormones, and wanna be indepence streaks. He is the only one who knows the whole picture, not me, and therefore, He is the only one really capable of being trusted in all situations and circumstances. Thanks, Gibee for sharing this.

Susanne said...

oops, that should have said "independant" streaks. Sheesh!

Cheryl said...

I guess we all have to deal with this at different times. Just think how it would be if we didn't have our Heavenly Father to give our worries to, that we had to bare the burden of all things... alone. You would think then that we would be more eager to give it to him, but we seem to want to do it "our" way.
Enjoyed this post very much and the comments as well.

Anonymous said...

WOW - what a toss up!!! I have one situation that I can say is recent - my DH and I decided after the birth of my DS that we would have a 3rd baby - but weren't sure when. Well - I (being a mommy and LOVING it) wanted it NOW!

So - over the 5 years of my son's life, I brought it up to DH many times. At one point, he thought he may have even changed his mind and was CONTENT with just 2 children. Now - this is lovely, but my motherly longing wasn't fulfilled. Not to mention that extra bedroom that we put in our house plans JUST for our 3rd child. What do you think I saw every time I passed that room?

So - after many tears and arguments --- a dear friend informed me that I COULD NOT worry about this -- worry isn't going to change ANYTHING. However, she recommended that I pray with a heart of love and with the right intentions. NOT just for a baby - but for God's will in the situation. So - I did - I stated my desires, prayed for His guidance and rested in knowing that He would guide us, not leave us a house divided, if our hearts were right. On top of this, for the ugliness I had shown to my DH, I apologized. Nothing happened immediately - but I felt peaceful.

Finally - earlier this summer, my DH approached me about baby #3 and at this point..there is nothing to tell, but we have talked and that is more than we had before.

My point is that my prayers are what changed things - those things being me mainly. I was uptight, worried, obsessive even about the subject, but when I let GO and let GOD have it - I felt Peace --- an awesome peace knowing God is in control and NO MATTER the outcome, He knows best!!!

Now - I AM NOT perfect, which is NOT why I shared the story - I struggle with many things and those who read my blog know this - but this is one instance where I did as I should! :)

GiBee said...

Momrn2 -- you said, "Why is it that worrying is so much eaiser than believing and faith?" Well -- I don't know for sure, but maybe it's because we actually convince ourselves that by worrying, we're "doing" something ... even though we're not!

Jenn - I hear ya! But, really, it doesn't matter "where" we live, does it? It matters the condition of our hearts! And you're right ... he is SOOO in control!

Shalee -- we'll talk off line.

Janna -- I know what you mean, but total "release" to God is what brings permanant peace, girlfriend! Take that suitcase you're carrying to the altar, open it up, and dump all those worries at the altar. Then ... LEAVE the suitcase there and go away empty handed. God will take that heavy suitcase and replace it with peace. Does that make sense?

Shannon -- excellent point -- you said: "It requires daily yielding to Him, "re-giving" Him the situation minute by minute, sometimes." Yes -- it does, because our enemy likes to think he's so powerful, and loves to put doubt in our hearts and minds! But, praise God, Jesus is more powerful and can beat him down with a toothpick!

Susanne -- YIKES! I think I'm much happier with the toddler and infant age, thank you very much! Whooo!

Cheryl -- I can't even imagine!

Heather Smith said...

Being single is what I've given up to Him. Some days are harder than others, but on most days I do have that content feeling. On those other days I pray a lot for God's peace because I DO want to take advantage of my current situation in whatever ways God wants me to. Thanks for reminding me again, GiBee!

Cmommy said...

I've been repeatedly thanking God for giving me the teaching job that I did not initially seek. His blessings have been 'pressed down, shaken together, and running over' in so many ways regarding this position.

I thought, "Well, God, if you are igniting the fire in me to teach again, then you must be holding a high-paying and prestigious job for me in our public school. Oh, and I'm sure it's part-time, etc etc etc." He redirected me, sat me down, and asked me to trust in with a "yes". And I am absolutely blown away.

You are definitely in trust-mode! Be ready to see some amazing sunrises in your life :-)Chrissy

Anonymous said...

GiBee - I so want to say that I have learned the same lesson as you. However, I am right in the midst of a situation that is so hard for me to "whatever".

For more than a year we waited for the right time to move here to IL. We came, knowing it was the right time, but without firm jobs. Now we have jobs. Champs works second shift, and I, for the first time since Sweet Girl was born, work part time. My wage went from 45K a year to 18K a year and I went from a very creative career to a trained monkey job. On top of it, I have no benefits at all; no insurance. Champs has a bare-pay job and no benefits until 90 days out.

I was ok with this until last week. I developed an incisional hernia (you'd have to have been reading my blog for awhile for the whole back story, but this is the fourth time I'll need repair surgery from my gastric bypass). I have no insurance and I need an operation. Now I am struggling - how do I pay? Do I get another job? It's all a bit much and while I so want to say "whatever", it is hard to just let it go.

I'm sorry; I just realized that I've been ranting. I don't mean to; you asked and my doors opened.

Thank you for the reminder that peace is possible in the midst of crud.

Jeana said...

I was just thinking about this the other day, how God taught me the importance of this a few years ago. It's amazing now how many things come up that I can let go where before I couldn't, by just knowing that if it's something God wants for us it will have to come from my husband, not from me. My nagging never brought about God's rightousness.

kpjara said...

A day late and always full of words...I will say the biggest "Whatever" came for me (from God) when I prayed about my own spending habits and shopping. I used to be a total mall shopper and overspender.

God, and God alone, removed that desire. I looked back after several months and realized I hadn't been INSIDE a mall to shop in months. I thanked God and praise Him still today because of this gift. As lame as it sounds...it was a huge bondage issue for me.

Now...I can proudly say...I HATE MALLS!

Jen said...

i really love the colours on the bird
great post thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

The picture of the finch was just beautiful. But was even MORE beautiful was your post about having a "whatever" attitude. I am actually struggling with that this VERY MINUTE! Something that is out of my control that I know is going to make dh very angry and I am just so anxious and worried. I'll work harder at letting it go to God.