Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

Hold your pants on real tight, because I'm getting ready to do a Works for Me Wednesday Post.


I just figured that since I didn't have anything else to talk about, I thought I'd WOW you with a new cool mom trick I just learned.

So, I'm pretty sure that since this is my first WFMW Post, someone else may have already covered this, but hey ... it still works for me, so you get to hear it again!

Recently, my son turned one. He had been sleeping through the night just fine, when suddenly, around 9 months, he began to wake up for no apparent reason other than to take a few sips of warm milk (he wouldn't even take the whole bottle!), and then go back to sleep. And trust me when I say ... he would SCREAM until I got him a bottle.

So, being a first time mom, I asked the doctor what to do. She recommended that I place a sippy cup of water in his crib, and when he wakes up, show him the cup, give him a sip, give him a few pats, put him back down, walk out of the room, and let him cry.

Now, this is where the problem became apparent. Evidently, out of all the sippy cups and straw cups in the entire world, my son had become attached to only one in particular, and would have NOTHING to do with any other cup. AND ... we couldn't remember where we purchased this ONE cup that we had, and had been in NUMEROUS stores trying to find another one.

This one single cup became precious in our home, as it had to go to daycare with Hunter, come back home with Hunter, and go to bed with Hunter. It was like the Holy Grail! ONE cup, MANY uses. Not a good thing with a baby! I was willing to pay HIGH DOLLAR for another cup like this! You could often hear us frantically saying, "Where's the cup!? Where's THE CUP?" Then, a friend of mine clued me in that WalMart is the only place around here that carries them, and they are always out of them. Must be real popular!

What's the cup? It's a Nuby Flip-It-Leak-Proof-Straw-Bottle with a soft, flexible, child-proof straw.

Now, the beauty of this cup is... it has a flat, flexible (soft), and wide straw that he likes to chew on when he's teething, and he can drink out of it without tilting the cup. What can I say ... I have a lazy and picky son. He refused any other straw cup. So, when I was at WalMart one day, I totally bought out all "5" that they had left. I have since found many online places that not only sell the cups (2 for under $7), but replacement straws and valves (for under $2). Gotta love it!

So ... there you have it ... what works for me is a simple, cheap, straw cup that can't be found anywhere ... but if YOU want one, you can just click HERE and order to your heart's content.

And yes ... it worked. Evidently, my lazy, picky son was waking up thirsty in the middle of the night, and his brilliant momma couldn't figure it out on her own. He now sleeps through the night, with an occasional wake-up for a sip of water.



Revised to add: I can NOT believe I forgot to give Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer credit for being the hostess with the mostest for Works For Me Wednesday! Head on over to her blog to check out tons of other great tips!


shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

They should pay you a commission for this!

Susanne said...

Your hilarious! I am so glad that this one little cup has revolutionized your life! No more wake ups and you had a WFMW post to boot! And I agree with Shannon. They ought to pay you for this one or at the very least send you a life time supply of these things!

org junkie said...

Hey awesome! I haven't tried this cup but I think I've seen it here in Canada and will have to buy it next time I see it. I'm in the process of weaning him so maybe this will help. Laura

ChupieandJ'smama said...

We loved those cups. We had two and they both broke. I'll have to get some more. Right now our biggies are by The First Years and have Thomas the Tank Engine on them. Glad you found something that works for you. As moms, we need all the help we can get :)

angeleyes Blue said...

Sign of the times...this cup. I never had a problem re: cups with my little ones I mean. My son was addicted to his Binky...I finally lost them each on purpose but never fessed up to it. I was enthralled that my daughter was not Binky bound but she was Thumb bound. That one was harder to get rid of. Not even tabasco sauce would break the habit. It was finally good ole fashioned peer pressure.

I wish I had many of these new things when my kids were younger. They are Irish Twins and now precious TEENAGERS! We laugh often in my house--got to or I would cry.

Life is fun and goes soooo fast. I have stumbled into a house of 'mom I'm still hungry'...'Mrs. T do you have anything else to eat?' 'I ate all your leftovers'...'Mom I need new shoes, pants shirts AGAIN'

My poor hubby and i are not facing finding a new playground or school plays and soccer but WE ARE FACING...'Where do you want to go to college?'

Like I said sign of the times...enjoy these days as bills get larger and kids become young adults. e-mail is on my web page just add a @ and a .net

Stacey said...

I've had friends who use those cups. We never tried them but maybe we'll have to give it a try with #3 : )

Overwhelmed! said...

Many moons ago I posted a WFMW tip about putting a sippy cup of water in Snuggle Bug's crib to help him sleep through the night (great minds think alike) but I didn't specify what type of sippy cup to use.

I've never tried this brand but I think I'll go look for it. Thanks for the tip!