Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

This morning, I sat down to my computer, not really knowing what to post about. I had many ideas whirling around, but nothing concrete. So, I started to go down my list of favorite blogs, only to stop at the second one on my list ... Big Mama ... and was so inspired by her post that I hurriedly left her blog to come here and share about my very special weekend [cue music to You're The Inspiration by Chicago]. Mostly, because I had nothing else to talk about... SNORT ... and I really, really wanted to share... but also because her enthusiasm was just as ROCKING as mine was over this particular topic... Plus ... I didn't want to look anything less than cool ... and when I saw that Big Mama had already posted about it, I figured I'd remain in my "semi-cool-wanna-be" status if I went ahead and did a post on basically-and-pretty-much the same thing.

Except my post has a twist... of the belly-kind.

Anyway, remember my post on Friday about Finding your Sign ... to being old? Well, I'm not sure if my dear, and most considerate husband read that or not ... but, Saturday afternoon, he let me take a nice, quiet nap, then he let me shower (by "let" I mean ... he watched and entertained our son the whole time -- alone), and then he came up as I was getting dressed, leaned over, and very, very suggestively said to me ... "Wanna go to a matinee?" I heart this man a ton!

Evidently, he and his sister (my real-life bff -- oh, yes indeed), had already conspired to go to the matinee, and he had already shipped Hunter off to his grandparents for the evening (while I was napping), so we were free ... free, I tell you, FREE. So, I called Sunshine to firm up plans, and the funny thing is that all 4 of us wanted to see the same movie. I mean, who doesn't want to see the Bourne Ultimatum?? (please don't make my ears bleed by telling me you don't want to see it)

So, we went to the matinee, plunked down $14 for tickets, and did what all old-folk do when they go to a matinee -- we whooped it up, baby! We both got our very own popcorn with extra butter and drinks (I got the "kids meal" -- very small popcorn, a snack-sized bag of skittles, and a small diet coke -- sheer perfection). I had mine wolfed down before the movie ever started. Very lady like, I must say ... especially when I licked the butter off of each finger ... loudly ... because the lady behind us didn't have her decibel-control-monitor on, and you could hear her plain as day all the way in Texas, if you tried real hard... so to heck with my own manners!

But then ... oh, my heavens ... then the movie started ... and let me just tell you -- Jason Bourne looks better today than he did in any of his movies -- I heart Jason Bourne. The scar on his face made me melt. In fact, I think my husband looks just like him if you squint your eyes real tight, tilt your head to an almost upside down position, and turn off the lights. They're twins, I tell you.

Anyway, The Bourne Ultimatum was a totally rocking, socking, actionactionactionactionaction packed movie. Oh, and it was sooooo action packed, too ... did I mention that? And guess who comes back in this movie? Julia Stiles (well, a couple others, too). What a cutie. And someone commented over at Big Mama's that her highlights were too streaky, and they were making it easy for her to be followed (in a crowded open-air market in a middle-eastern-ish country) -- why yes, they were ... because she was probably the only woman that wasn't covered by a burka -- oh, okay -- I jest -- but it was obvious where she was ... but let me just say --- WHEW! Because that's how JasonMyJason kept tabs on her... and if I wanted Jason to chase me, I'd have my hair done just like she did (in fact ... I just may... never mind).

Oh, and that Jason ... he's so smart, and buff, and can fight like a lean fighting tiger-machine, and has the nine lives to go along with the whole tiger-fighting-machine image, and really, I can't say much more, because I would give the movie away, but suffice it to say ... you will barely notice anything else in the room because you will be riveted to the screen. Just take a word of advice from Big Mama and don't forget to breath ... not even for one second!

BUT ... rent the first two Bourne movies if you haven't seen them yet. You need to know the history in order to make sense of the ending ... (or is it???)

So, after our action-packed matinee, we walked out and decided to go to a restaurant. Oh, I tell you -- it was a fully-grown-up evening. I suggested the middle-eastern restaurant directly across from the movie theater.

There were a few grumbles, but we went, and let me tell you -- you have never, ever lived unless you have dined to the fine sounds of an over-weight, way-outta-shape, I-can't-believe-you're-not-embarrassed-because-I'm-embarrassed-for-you woman who is tinkling her finger bells at you as she belly dances her way around the restaurant. I will never look at light blue diaphanous gossamer fabric with the same eyes again. And I won't even go into the whole "doused with sandalwood incense" subject.

Okay, I will ... it was totally overpowering, and scented the food in such a way that you felt like vomiting (just in case her gyrations didn't make you wanna vomit). I think she cornered the market on "senses" by "looking and smelling as bad as possible." The entertainment was a total flop ... of the belly kind. I think it was more entertaining for me to listen to Sunshine say things like ... "Oh, you're done ... good, are you leaving? No. Of course you're not." I'm sure you would too. In fact, I was really, really surprised to see a few people enjoying it! She wasn't even good! I know we all felt a sense of distaste because of our high values and morals. I'm sure of it.

So, here's my two cents worth of advice for you... GO rent the first two Bourne movies ... GO see the Bourne Ultimatum ... and DON'T GO to a middle-eastern restaurant with belly dancers afterwards -- or any time, really.

Anyone else see the movie? Or have run-ins of the belly-kind?


Stacey said...

Hey GiBee!! Oh my goodness this movie is STINKIN' AWESOME!! This was the best one yet I think. The first 2 minutes has you on the edge of your seats. I can't wait to buy the entire set for my hubby this Christmas!!

Awesome - go see it everyone!!

Can't say I've done the belly dancin' restaurant thing yet - now I'm sure not too!

Have a great day!

MotoMom said...

I read all the books (years ago) and saw the first movie. I have some re-reading and movie viewing to do before seeing the latest one. I did take a belly dancing classe a few years ago and it was so much fun! When time allows I definintly want to take more.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this movie!!

Big Mama said...

I feel certain that there will be a 4th Bourne movie and last night (as I discussed other things it needed to reveal) I named it "The Bourne PenUltimatum". And then I clapped my hands at my own cleverness.

True story.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Okay, after reading what Big Mama and you have to say about it I realize that I I wanted to see it anyway, but usually we would wait for it to be on DVD.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the show (first one, not dinner entertainment) and were able to keep your food down!

LvlyRita said...

The website for "The B.U." is fantastic: ( I doubt the same goes for the un-named restaurant.

GiBee said...

Thanks, LvlyRita ... the correct link is:

go and enjoy ... and come back feeling like a super-secret-agent!

Queen Of My Domain said...

Oh I can't wait until I get to see this movie. I can't get enough of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. I think I'll skip the whole belly dancing restaurant thing though. Although I did really laugh about your experience.

ValleyGirl said...

I am SO in love with Matt Damon/Jason Bourne. I haven't seen it yet and I think it's already been through our little one-theatre cinema, but we'll definitely be buying it too!! At first I didn't like how different the movies are from the books, but then I just concentrated on Matt Damon and couldn't think about anything else.

ValleyGirl said...

P.S. There IS a fourth Bourne book (although it's not written by Robert Ludlum), so a 4th movie is possible, but I'm not sure where they'd go with it because it hinges entirely on an element that the movies have discarded.

Stacey said...

Aw Man, I totally want to go see that movie. Now I'm so jealous of you! I will for sure skip the belly dancing though :-)

Christy said...

Husband and I just went and saw this was really good!

Julie said...

I am fighting jealousy on this one. I've been wanting to see this since it came out and no one but my hubby wants to see it with me. One problem, he works two jobs and it never happens! :) Oh well, we'll figure it out. I am glad you had a good time except for the whole smelly belly dancer issue! :)

Sandy said...

My kids see everything before me! Nope, haven't seen it, but want to! We own the first 2, total boy flicks!
Happy Weekend!