Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can I just BRAG on my sister for a second?

Yesterday was such a bad day. I didn't feel well, I was in an "off" and "sour" mood, and I took it out on someone, which I should NOT have done. The day got worse, and the night was no better. Today, however, is a better day, but I am left dreaming for my upcoming vacation, which I really, REALLY need, and wishing it would be here sooner than two weeks from today. I really need the time away, did I mention that? The quietness (as quiet as a vacation with 5 children will allow), and being away from traffic, people (not you, of course), and work. So since I can't go for another two weeks, I'll just talk about it, and share some pictures... then you'll understand why I'm so anxious for my "vacay."

Warning: I'm serious ... The following may sound like I'm bragging about my sister ... so if you don't want to read it ... move on now! And I don't mean that in a mean way, either. (my husband is going to be horrified I'm even posting this)

My little sister is a very lovely person. She is two and 1/2-ish years younger than me, and is a true and fine (and refined) southern woman, who takes after my mom with her gift of hospitality, is uber-creative, and loves all things "beautiful" (unlike me who has no manners at-all anymore, much to my parent's horror -- but I do love me some beautiful stuff). She was born in Washington, D.C., grew up in the area (hey, me to, just in case you're wondering), and then went to college in the south, where she received her degree in interior design. And ... where she appropriately acquired a heavy, heavy Southern drawl.

She met her husband in the south, came back up to get married in D.C., and moved back down south to start her now large family of 4 adorable, well-mannered, Southern children. Who all have the most hilarious appropriate adorable southern accents. Her husband has worked hard, and has made a great name for himself, as well as a great living (again, I stress worked hard)... They are blessed. And I re-stress ... BLESSED. And in turn, they take little opportunities here and there to share their blessings with me and my family. Which also in turn, makes ME blessed. The two of them (actually his whole family, too) have such generous, kind, and loving hearts. I love them so much.

Anyway, now that I've set the stage, I feel some bragging coming on. My little sister and her husband own a beach house in NC. It's a duplex, and they own the whole home, but only rent out one side, and they vacation on the other side. And in two short weeks, my whole family will be vacationing together there -- in the whole house -- how fun will THAT BE!!!

As I mentioned before, she majored in interior design, and if you're from the south, chances are, there isn't a single white wall in your home... and in keeping with tradition, she has decorated her beach home (the rental side, too) so beautifully. I love going there, because you truly feel like you're at a tropical beach in her homes! And as an added plus, the house is located in an area that has no boardwalks, no carnival rides, no bells and whistles. Just beach. Ocean. Sea Grass. Dunes. The Sound. Seafood. Mom and Pop Ice Cream shops.

Can I just say ... I'M SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY WAIT! Whew. I feel better now.

So, anyway ... I thought I'd share some pictures of what my vacation will look like. Their house is on the ocean (so nice!!!), and in no time soon, I'll be sitting on the porch, enjoying a cup of whatever, listening to the ocean crash in on the beach, and yelling at my son not to eat the sand, not to hit his cousin, and not to throw sand at anyone. My sister, her husband, her four kids, my mom and dad, me, my husband and my son. Doesn't that sound wonderful?!

Anyway, here's a picture of her house. You are looking at it as if you were standing with the ocean behind you. The side they stay in is on the left, the side they rent out (and I'll be staying in along with my parents) is on the right. If you're on that porch, the next picture is the view you have with the house to your back. Nice, huh? Did I mention they are blessed?

Okay ... here are some pictures of the inside of the rental side ... first, is a picture of the main floor with a family room, a dining area, and the kitchen... all overlooking the ocean. I just can't wait.

Next, I give you pictures of the bedrooms... I love the yellow one with the stripped cover.

Finally, I give you the only room in the house that appropriately has white walls... the "peak," which has a "window bed" -- it's the top, top, top part of the house, and I'm thinking it's a fine place to hide and read. Very serene, dontcha think?

So that's what I'm holding out for ... in another two weeks. And hopefully, I'll even be able to tap into the neighbors wireless modem. Now, THAT would make it a wonderful, WONDERFUL vacation. Did you know that "uber" comes up as "buber" in spell check? What's up with that?


momrn2 said...

WOW!! I can completely understand why the countdown has begun!!! Breathtakingly beautiful!

Hope you are having a bit of a better day today! ;-)

rohanknitter said...

No wonder you are anxious to get there - it looks divine.
Reminds me of a place we went off the coast of SC with dh's family several years in a row. We keep talking about going back but it's pretty (well, very) expensive.
How wonderful to have family that is so blessed and wants to share it! I'm sure it is a blessing for them as well.

Stacey said...

Oh Gibee, that is super cute! I love all the color in that home. How fun to be staying with your whole family and enjoying the beach.

ValleyGirl said...

Oooooo, can you fit me in your suitcase?! Wow. You say it's a rental, eh? Hmmmmmmmm... You're doing a wonderful job of promoting for them -- are you also the contact if we all want to start holidaying there?!

Tara said...

Woah. Can I come with you? It's just me and my husband...and four more kids. :)

Shari said...

That is STUNNINGLY beautiful. I hope you have a grand time frolicking in the waves with your family and hers.

Big Mama said...

Wow. No wonder you can't wait for 2 weeks. That looks like a little piece of heaven.

Jada said...

Just beautiful! Got room for one more? LOL I can be in DC in about 2 hours! hehehe

Praying you have a wonderful, relaxing "vacay!"


merry said...

Oooohhhh, I wanna come too!

I just L-O-V-E whole family vacations. They are the most fun! And being in a gorgeous place like that makes it even better.

Peach said...

Hope you're feeling better.

This is an absolutely gorgeous place. Love the colors LOTS!!

Have a delightful time and don't forget to show us pics of you enjoying that something on the porch . . . or just some of Hunter enjoying the beach, ya' know all the livin' vicariously through you and all : )

Jan/ said...

How lovely! Y'all are going to have a great time together.

VAIL said...

I have a wonderful sister too - she's my best friend and I love her to death! I am blessed!

I live in NC and loved her rental beach duplex. If OK, I'd love it if you'd email me the link to the rental, we rent every year and are looking for a different place for next year. connievail at hotmail dot com.


Christy said...

You have every reason to be excited! What a great house! I've always wanted a beach house...hope you and your family have a wonderful time!

April said...

I also love the pics of the beach house. My family will be vacationing in SC or NC next summer. I would love to get some info about the house. bay_p2005 at yahoo dot com. Hope your family enjoys your vacation and time together! The beach is a wonder place to relax and take in God's amazing creation!