Friday, August 24, 2007

I think I'm loosing my ever-lovin'-choo-choo mind...

Yesterday, I stayed home with my son, who had a mild temperature the evening before (100.9 -- close enough to 101 degrees). We had a really nice day -- in the morning, when he woke up, we went downstairs and watched Choo Choo (Thomas the Tank) while we ate our fruit loops. Momma tried to surf the internet and catch up on blogs, but we We had a power outage earlier in the week, and now, our wireless is "acting up" quite nicely, thankyouverymuch!

So, we stayed in for the first part of the morning, and watched Choo Choo some more, while we threw an occasional temper tantrum. Hunter. Not me. Then, because I felt he was feeling better, we went to Sears to get our tires rotated and balanced, and get lunch at McDonalds.

Hunter fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I thought I'd lay down for one too. PERISH THE THOUGHT. As soon as the car stopped, he popped his eyes open, and when we stepped into the house, he demanded to see Choo Choo. Again. So no nap for either of us. But we did get to enjoy the same Choo Choo movie over and over again! Did I mention again that he wasn't feeling real well? Sick child, no nap, and only one Choo Choo video makes for a looooooong day.

So, being the excellent mother I am, I took my sick child to a new park to play. It was the most excellentest park ever... except it didn't have any swings. But that's okay, because it was still excellent. And we went through an awesome car wash with yellow, blue, and white soap, and lots and lots of gushing water.

Then we went to the grocery store. Because we need food to live off of while we watch Choo Choo again. Which ran the entire time we ate dinner. Yup... through grace and everything! Because Stinky Steamies and Dirty Diesels need to work together! And while we're on the topic of telephones ... we went to Best Buy to get a new one, because we can't find the one Hunter hid. Okay, we weren't on that topic, but I thought I'd throw it in, because the heavens may fall if I miss any of your calls because I can't hear the phone ring. Especially since the battery pack on the other phone just died, and we had to replace that too, while we were at Best Buy last night. So the only phone that works at Casa Sunshine is the one, loan, old fashioned phone mounted to the wall in the kitchen.

As for the malfunctioning wireless modem ... I don't know what to make of it. I unplugged it. Then I unplugged my cable modem. Then I took out all the other lines. Then I put them all back in. Then I held my breath and tried to connect. Then I threw all the modems ... lines and all ... against the wall and bashed them with the Choo Choo DVD. Okay. I really didn't do that. But I've got a birthday wish to post tomorrow ... and an important PodCast to listen to this weekend, for crying out loud! I can't have my wirelessdownforonemoresecond!

Ehem... But the highlight of the day?

Oh, the sweet moment that I discovered that Burger King has an iced Mocha Coffee -- the thick, sweet, cold concoction ... it makes me heady just thinking about it now! And the nervous twitch in my left eye from not having internet connectivity at home is slowly increasing, and I figure if I drink a lot of these yummy iced Mocha Coffees, I'll get both eyes to twitch, and it might help my wireless router perk up and work.


Can you tell I'm happy to be back at work today?


Susanne said...

Oh I know what you mean when they get a favorite video. At our house years ago it was "Jungle book".

There is something that happens to the modem when the power goes out but I can't remember. Something about encryption is sitting in the back of my mind. I'll ask hubby when he gets home.

Carrie said...

Carrie (from the cupcake contest here). I've emailed you a couple of times, but I think my emails may be getting eaten on your end. If you're not getting them, can you check your junk mail folder or something? Sorry for the confusion!

Shalee said...

Oh, I do so hope that Hunter is back on the mend. And my boy liked the Thomas too, but I told him once a day was enough because if I didn't, Thomas would have been broken in two before the day.

Laane said...

I hope life is normal again by now.

I've spend days like that with a video with trains... trains and eh...trains... trains between trees, trains in tunnels...
Well, you get the picture.