Thursday, August 02, 2007


I know, I know ... it's totally ridiculous to enter something that has thousands of comments already ... but when it comes down winning something for free ... doesn't it peak your interest just a tiny, itty, bitty, bit??? Huh? Doesn't it??? Free, free, free ... see? You're curious, aren't you?

So, here's the first BIG freebie giveaway ... a bit of KA-CHING...

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

So all you readers, what are you waiting for?? $2500 could be yours! (The closing date is August 20, 2007)


Next BIG freebie giveaway ...

Those crazy chix at 5 Minutes for Mom are at it again! This time, it's big, big, big!!! Are you ready for this?

They are giving away an ultra slim, lightweight Insignia® 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV (Model: NS-LCD37) which features 1366×768 Resolution, with 16:9 widescreen ratio for cinema-quality viewing ... ohmystars I can hardly contain my self! Lord, if you're listening, please let the random number generator choose mememememe! Ehem...

Anyway, this giveaway ends on Friday, August 17th, at 12:00 AM (not during the days, my little chicadees --- so sign up before Friday)! And a special thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring this outrageous giveaway!

So what are you waiting on??? Go! Go! Go NOW!

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