Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Update, and Holiday Cooking Blogger Style

Praise God, praise God, praise God!!!

We took Hunter back on Friday to have his blood work redone, and his WBC Count (White Blood Cell Count, for those of you that are not proficient Dr. Googles...) is ....

... NORMAL!!! 10,800, to be specific!!! Wooooooo Hooooooo!!! Praise God for his healing hand.

This weekend, Hunter enjoyed himself so much! We rode Thomas the Tank, we walked around the festival, he got a temporary tattoo (which he wanted OFF OFF OFF right away!!!), and his eyes were as big as saucers. He was so excited! We bought him a plush Thomas the Tank blanket, and I had wanted to wash it first, but Hunter WANTED it NOW. Basically, it was a priceless weekend after all.

So ... now that Hunter is feeling better, my husband is over his surgery, and his head cold is diminishing ... Saturday evening, I started getting sick, too. And why not? Let's just all be sick and snotty and crabby together. A family that sniffles together, stays together. I'm very stuffy, head-coldy-achy-yucky feeling. And to top it all off, my dad was taken to the hospital with Atrial Fibrillation, and he'll be there for a few days. When it rains ... it really pours, doesn't it?

On a more cheerful note ... Overwhelmed With Joy is hosting her annual Holiday Cooking Blogger Style THIS FRIDAY!

Last year, she had 81 people sign up with their delicious recipes. It's very easy, and it's most delicious ... all you have to do is set aside your blogging plans on Friday to post your favorite Holiday recipe. She is looking for tried and true holiday recipes. They don't have to be your own creations, but you should give credit where credit is due. In her own words … “If you post a recipe from your aunt Martha Stewart, by all means, mention that!”

You can post any kind of recipe you want -- Appetizer, Beverage, Soup, Salad, Bread, Candy, Cookies, Dessert, Jam/Jelly, Main Dish, Sauce, Side Dish, Snack, etc. -- long or short, easy or complex.

She’ll post specific directions on Friday, but basically, you’ll post your recipe on your own blog, then you’ll refer everyone back to her blog and add your link to her Mr. Linky so that everyone can stop by and take a look at your recipe.

That's it! It's easy, and you'll get a TON of recipes in exchange! So plan on joining Overwhelmed's Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style!


Heather Smith said...

Praise Jesus for that praise report! Will add your daddy to my prayers! You were already in them, but now I'll pray that the stuffiness will be quickly on its way!

Katrina said...

I am SO glad to hear the news about Hunter. Praise God!

Molly Coddled said...

So happy Hunter is doing well. :) God is good!

Katie said...

I'm so glad Hunter is well. Your dad is in my prayers. Thanks also for the Holiday Cookoff. I've been craving my Sweet Potato Casserole for weeks. Here's a good reason to make it.

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, I'm so glad that Hunter and your husband are doing better! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I pray that he has a speedy recovery. Same for you too!

Thanks for the plug on my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange! I can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow! :)

Bess said...

Hi there!
Just came across your blog today..how wonderful and inspirational! You have such a joyful spirit in your writing...it's so refreshing!
So happy to hear that your son is okay! Thank the Lord! (Side note: I think your son and my daughter are really close in age!)

Also, thanks for the Holiday Cookoff heads up! It sounds so cool...I'll definitely join in!

John said...

Oh GiBee! I'm SOOOOOOOO excited to hear Hunter got it right this time :)

YEAH! I've been praying for ya girl!