Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Wish List

*Updated on 11/30/07 to add: I found this sign and fell in love with it... it would look so nice over our doorway for friends and family to see as they leave our home, but best of all ... it's on clearance! Love it! $9.99 at the DaySpring online store!

Yes, I know ... This is a special, unusual-to-my-style post, but it's really just for my husband, and the hundreds of people who are asking him what GiBee wants for Christmas. Yesterday, he asked me no less than four times what he could tell people that are asking him what I want for Christmas. And if that sentence made any sense to you, could you explain it to me?

I had a hard time coming up with stuff. I know it sounds like a cliche, but all I really want for Christmas is my husband and son to be close to me, seeing the joy on their faces as they open special little gifts I've picked out for them, and food. I do love me some food.

Anyway, I searched the crevices of my brain, which in fact, are very deep, very cavernous, and, well ... dark. Here is a list of my "TOP TEN Gift Ideas for GiBee" that I came up with, which took me for.ev.ah. I'd also like to hear from you ... what do YOU want for Christmas? Because I could use some ideas for myself!

GiBee's Top Ten Most-Wanted Gift Items for 2007
(not in any particular order or desire)

1. Here's an odd item that I pulled out of no where. Not true. I actually saw it on someone elses blog, but I can't remember who. It's a Gorillapod Flexible Tripod for $21.95. It's a tripod for your compact digital camera, and it "doesn't require an elevated flat surface for you to take the perfect shot." I totally want that. You know, for all the "professional shots" I take for my blog. It's an un-selfish request, really ... because I'm just thinking of you... my reader.

2. I love to cook, and I love to collect cookbooks, but lately, I noticed that I have cookbooks that don't really "fit my personality" -- if there's such a thing -- and therefore, must be purged. So, here are three cookbooks I would LOVE to have along with the new and used prices (I would gladly take a used copy): Everyday Pasta by Giada De Laurentiis ($21.45 at Amazon; used: $14.88!); A Taste of Home Baking Book ($19.77 at Amazon; used: $16.50); The Taste of Home Ringbound Cookbook ($29.95 at Amazon; used: $13.45)

3. I've always wanted my own little herb garden. This one, an Italian Herb Garden Kit is particularly adorable and affordable at $12.95 or a terra cotta planter, peat pellets, seeds for chives, basil and oregano, and a recipe booklet. I also like this little cardboard growing container for cilantro ... my favorite herb of all. It's only $5.69!!

4. On a practical note, I'd love to have a cover for my KitchenAid Stand Mixer (for a 5-Qt bowl & lift Professional model). It's $29.99 at the KitchenAid store, but ... I'm not picky!

5. A subscription to A Taste of Home magazine would be a lovely gift at just $14.98 for a one-year (six issues) subscription! And, while we're at it... a renewal of my subscription to the Hallmark Magazine would be perfect! I don't know how much it is, but it's somewhere around $15.

6. I would cherish... cherish, I tell you ... receiving any of the following Janette Oke DVDs: (in order) Love Comes Softly ($11.99); Loves Enduring Promise ($11.99); Loves Long Journey ($11.99); Loves Abiding Joy ($14.99), Loves Unending Legacy ($17.99).

7. I love this Steel Name Key Holder at $24.95, although maybe instead of just my last name, it could say... "(insert my last name) Family" or something like that.

8. On another practical note, these snow shoes from Lands End for $49.50 sure would hit the spot! They aren't the most beautiful shoes one could find, but they would keep my feet warm and dry when I go to work.

9. Toby Mac's Portable Sounds CD ($10.99) would be a lovely gift to help get the blood pumping in the mornings!

10. Last, but most certainly NOT LEAST, my absolute favorite thing to get at Christmas would be an original Lisa Leonard sterling silver, "Mini Open Circle Necklace," Hand Stamped with Hunter's name for $48. It comes on an 18" sterling ball chain with a fresh water pearl (although, I would prefer a 20" chain). It is not the one I have pictured below, but it's close, and if you email Lisa Leonard, and tell her "mini open circle necklace, she'll know what to do. Her email is:

Well, honey ... there you have it. A list of things I'd love to have.

So ... what do you ... the readers ... want to get for Christmas? Leave me a comment with your great ideas -- I may have to adjust my list a little!!


kelly jeanie said...

Ooo, you absolutely want those snow shoes. I have them from a few years ago and while I was digging them out to put on for our first snow this year I was thinking how much I love them. They're just perfect for walking on snowy sidewalks, easy on and easy off!

Those circle necklaces are beautiful.

Susanne said...

I do believe those Janet Oke based movies are even cheaper at the Wallymart if I'm not mistaken. I love that whole series.

The herb garden is cute, cute, cute.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

HEY GIRL! re:#5...just got my "no seriously this is *really* your last chance...we mean it this'll regret it if you don't renew and give someone a free subscription" letter the other day. If you want, email me your snail mail address and when I renew, I'll get yours FREE! *wink*

Org Junkie said...

LOL, I love this post. I started my list as well which includes the new Celine Dion and the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. I would love the TOH cookbook, great choice!

Tammy and Parker said...

IF you really would like an herb garden then I would love to walk you through putting together either a in the ground garden OR a potted herb garden. You could do it by themes or a zillion other ways.

Herb gardens are so simple to keep up and many plants come back year after year.

My husband made me an herb garden that literally goes down the entire side of my yard. I LOVE to use herbs.

Stacey said...

Well, I could always come up with things I want to list for myself. But, we don't have all day do we? (smile)

But, what I would like to get for my daughter is the "Thingamalamb" from Lifeway Christian stores.

It is an adorable stuffed lamb with an MP3 player in him. You can download your child's favorite praise and worship music or any songs and it gives them 2 straight hours of play. The cost is $45. So cute!

And may I make a suggestion to add to your magazine collection? Real Simple & Wondertime! They are awesome...especially the R.S. one.

Have a blessed Christmas and I hope you get it all!

Stacey (Kisses From the Father)

Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

I don't understand what you don't understand about your husband's question - people are asking him what you want and he needs to know what to tell them. Although, it seems to me it would be easier for them to just ask you. LOL

I made my list yesterday, but now maybe I'll revise it after seeing some of your cool things!