Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WFMW Backwards Day: Removing stains from leather furniture

Ever see that commercial (Delta? Kohler?) where the couple goes to a fancy schmancy architect, and when the fancy schmancy architect is done schmoozing them, he asks what he can do for them. The wife takes a faucet out of her purse, plops it down on the desk, and says to the architect... "Build a house around this."

That's what I feel like... Find a solution around this...

You see -- I have a leather chair and ottoman. The ottoman has random, and undescribeable stains on it from random drippy sippy cups. Actually, suddenly, I'm not feeling like that faucet ad anymore. Now, it sounds sort of like Dr. Seuss. The drippy sippy cup slipped down on the leather ottoman and out slithered slimy, slippery sippy stuff that sank slowly into the sitting ottoman, leaving a silly, stinky, stain.

Anyway -- what can you do for me? Describe how I can clean drip stains from my leather ottoman. Seriously -- I love my leather chairs, but we got them BEFORE a child. They are not too child friendly!

So, now I'm dashing back to work, to continue frying my brain... but until then, check out THIS POST, which leads you to a cool video.

And ... visit the lovely Shannon, who hosts Works for me Wednesday for more opportunities to share your knowledge or get some tips!


Laane said...

The best advice is top go to the shop where you bought the furniture. They have bottles with cleaner.

I was told that milk does the trick, and I used it on leather and it worked.
Try it out at a hidden spot first.

Good luck!

You can find my "works for me" at:

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Have a great day!!!

purplepassion said...

Sorrry. No clue on how to clean the leather but will watch to see what other come up with becuase I could use the help on a chair too.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

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