Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not EVEN going there!

To Google, that is...

I mean -- everyone knows I have my medical degree from Medical University of Google, but this time, I think I'll let y'all diagnose me ...

Here are my symptoms:

I am LOSING HAIR ON MY HEAD. Seriously -- in one spot that I'm aware of -- right above my bangs ... what is that, the crown of my head? Isn't hair supposed to be my crowning glory?

All righty then.

Here are my other symptoms: I'm exhausted all the time. Even after 10 hours of sleep. My skin (especially my hands) has gotten really, REALLY dry... and even though I'm exhausted, I still have insomnia. And the weirdest one of all -- I can't stand the heat. My face turns beet red and I get insufferably hot to the point of wanting to pass out. In fact, back in the fall, I thought I was going through menopause with wicked heat flashes, but when I mentioned that to my OB, he just laughed it off with "you're too young." Why thank you!

So -- I'm trying to stay away from Google because I don't want to know if I'm dying... ehem ... you know what I mean. Have any of you had these symptoms, or know what it might be? Really, I guess it could be just about anything -- but I'm thinking it's got something to do with those dreaded hormones.

Actually, I've made an appointment with an endocrinologist. Because, while I know many, many things... I'll concede that in this instance, I need to seek the help of a professional -- because a girl doesn't mess around with FALLING OUT HAIR. That's just sacred.


Susanne said...

Dare we even make a guess, GiBee? It might send you off on so many bunny trails. Going to the doc is the best thing.

Nichole said...

Have your blood drawn to see if you are Hypothyroid.

Chilihead said...

Girlfriend, I'd say dollars to donuts you have Hashimotos. Which is a hypothyroid condition that is VERY common (I have it too). You'll be taking a little pill for the rest of your days, but it's no biggie. You could also have the doc check for adrenal issues.

Don't worry. You're not dying.

Renna said...

Chiming in with the others here in suggesting you get your thyroid checked. It's a very common ailment among women (and even men!). It's easily remedied by a small pill each day. There is an adjustment period while they start you out on a low dose for a few weeks, gradually increasing the doseage (still one pill) until your levels are good.

Go get a blood test!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

If you're anything like me you may just find those lost hairs soon protruding from your chin. Ah the joys of aging... :-)

In all seriousness my mind immediately went to thyroid (just as others have mentioned here). Make sure they check that among the other things they may want to check.

Pam said...

I'm with the camp of thyroid, but also check for an iron deficiency. I just read about that in a magazine this morning and one of the symptoms is hair loss exceeding the normal 100 to 150 we all lose.

Praying for a quick and simple resolution for this sweetie.

Hugs coming your way.

Jennifer said...

I'm hypothyroid, so that's what I thought immediately, too. I know it can cause exhaustion and the dry skin, but I'm not certain of the others. Hope they figure it out soon!

Anonymous said...

Get your thyroid checked ASAP!

Barb said...

Oh dear, GiBee. Of course, all these commentors have given you sound advice. Get that thyroid checked.

But I have to tell you, I was in my very early 40's when peri-menopause set in. To be completely transparent, I had a hysterectomy at 34 and I knew that could cause early onset menopause symptoms, but what you're describing here, especially the hair loss in that one spot right above your bangs, sounds very, very familiar to me.

Not to worry, though. If in fact that's what's happening, your doctor won't let it. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding hormone replacement therapy, but let me tell you, it gave me ten wonderful years before I was actually old enough for it to be OK to be menopausal.

Whatever the diagnosis is, this sounds like something that can be fixed very easily and you'll get your life back. I promise.


Anonymous said...

I went to my dermatologist when I found a bald spot on my head. This has happened twice in my life and seemed to be triggered by stress. It’s due to an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata. If your blood work checks out (I hope it does) it might be a good idea to ask about this condition. With treatment it did not take very long for my hair to start growing back. I hope everything goes well.