Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Important Theory ... Put to test right here!

I've come up with a new theory. This theory was developed after I spent numerous days cleaning up my den and seeing my husband tote out many dollars worth of "stuff" in black trash bags.

Each time I want to purchase something, make something, commit to something, or go crazy on something... I’m going to ask myself these questions first:

1. Will it make my life crazy?
2. Will it make my either my husband or me unhappy?
3. Will it take time away from important family obligations?
4. Is it outside of my budget?
5. Will it be wasted once it is purchased?
6. Will it sit and collect dust and be neglected?
7. Will we gain weight from it?
8. If I answer yes to any of those questions, I can not do it, make it, commit to it, or go crazy on it.

I will put this theory to test right now, as I sit down to peruse the ingredients to a new and delectable cup cake recipe... EHEM!

1. Ingredients: chocolate, sugar, butter, heavy cream, marshmallow creme – My life would be crazy if I DIDN'T try this recipe.
2. Furthermore, we would be very unhappy if we didn't get to sample it.
3. It will make our family obligations so much more enjoyable if we were obligated to eat cupcakes together.
4. I have all the ingredients at home. It’s totally affordable.
5. No waste here... we would eat them. Of course!
6. Of course not... how silly – cupcakes will be eaten immediately!!! No problems with dust issues.
7. Dang.
8. Double Dang.

Theory proven.

Maybe I should call it the "Cupcake Theory?"

Disclaimer: Sorry if I offended anyone with the use of "Dang" -- it's just heartbreaking to prove my theory with those two questions.

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Susanne said...

LOL. You could always just have a sampler and then ship the rest to me and then you won't gain weight. Just a suggestion.