Monday, March 23, 2009

Not MY Child!!!

This past weekend, a coworker of mine invited me to her adorable home for a Southern Living Party. She told me I could bring Hunter with me, and he could play with her girls and the other kids that would be there.

I love to take Hunter to places where there are other kids, because he loves to play with them and we only have one child in our neighborhood that is his age, so I take any opportunity handed to me to introduce Hunter to other kids! He is such a friendly and outgoing child – and he gets that honest. Both my husband and I are very outgoing, too. And for the most part, Hunter was a perfectly behaved three year old.

At some point during the evening, the other kids (three girls and one boy – all cousins), went and changed into their pajamas – the girls all had on pink little shorts and matching tops for pajamas – cute, cute, cute. After a quick fashion show, they ran downstairs to play while the adults stayed upstairs to pour through the catalog and finish up our snacks.

And then it got ugly.

All of a sudden we hear squealing, and the little girls running up the stairs saying, "Mommy, there’s a naked BOY downstairs."

Now, all the other kids were first cousins – so you just KNOW that if one of them were naked, they would have said their name. But NOOOOOOoooooo. They said "boy" – and I immediately knew. A mother just knows these things.

My child was the "naked boy" they were referring to. It's what all mother's live for. An announcement to the world that their child is a stripper.

I flew down those stairs to the rec room -- I went as fast as a crazed woman with two sprained ankles could possibly go. Sure enough, the sight that met my eyes was my naked child dancing around at the bottom of the stairs... laughing and having a grand time ... as all the other moms congregated at the top of the stairs -- laughing hysterically. And when I say naked, I MEAN NEEEHH--KEEEED.

Fortunately, none of the children were over the age of 4, and none of them had any singles in their pajama pockets. Dude, you KNOW I bought one of the more expensive things that night to try and "make up" for my kid's embarrassing romp.

What a great first impression.

I'm praying this doesn't set a precedent for when he goes to pre-school in the fall... especially since we’re hoping to get him into a Christian pre-school! Lol!!!

Isn't that just precious?


LvlyRita said...

Not just precious, but hil-ar-i-ous!!

Anonymous said...

TOOO funny! I am told my husband liked to streak for guests when he was a child...but he doesn't do it anymore, so there is HOPE! ;)

Susanne said...

Oh this totally cracks me right up. Now everytime you look at your nice, expensive item you'll have a lovely memory to go with it. LOL.

Lori said...

Toooooo funnny! I love it.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

When my son was 3 and in Christian preschool, they were having their end of year school program and guess what my son did????? He wasn't singing, he was too shy for that, instead he slowly in slow motion began unbuttoning his shirt, took it off and when he reached for his pants zipper, I bolted and got him off the stage. It was horribly funny and now when I think back, I still laugh.... So I guess what I'm saying is they can strip even in a Christian environment. ha ha......