Thursday, March 12, 2009

I think I've seen it all...

The food world has seen many changes in the last few years... from the gourmet craze, to the health craze, to the organic craze, to the home grown craze, the natural grain craze... and these crazes aren't necessarily bad, either. Some of them have even found a place in my own home. Healthy eating, home grown veggies, organic stuff -- yep. It can all be eaten in my own home.

But today, I was watching a show on the British Network, and was shocked to hear of something new hitting the "gourmet" scene. I tell you... I was honestly speechless. And it takes a lot to get me like that. Evidently, this particular product is popular in ... well, I'm not really sure WHERE it's really popular, but at least you can say you heard about it here--at Kisses of Sunshine--where we bring all things delectable to your attention.

So... where am I going with this?

Oh, yes... the new product. Are you ready for this???

Horse Milk.

Yep. That's it. I saw it on a Gordon Elliott show... I know -- not the most wholesome show out there, but hey -- what else can you get in the middle of the day on cable?? lol.

But seriously -- people out there are actually milking mares. Evidently, horse milk has 50% less fat than cow's milk, and they say it is good for those who have allergies or skin conditions.

Personally, I think I'll stay away from it ... but since we do have cow's milk, goat's milk, and sheep's milk, you kind of had to know it was coming down the line!

Feeling a little horsey? Naaaaay!



Anonymous said...

Now I have heard it all! Horse milk..crazy. Very happy to see another Christian blog. Enjoy your witty banter. Have a blessed day!
Kelly Lininger

Lovely Rita said...

Hmmm, think I'll pass on that, unless they can prove it makes your hair grow long and thick.