Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are LYING parents

Recently, I started giving my precious angel of a boy (yeah, I'm REALLY referring to Hunter) Gummy Bear Vitamins. He loves them. He has started calling them his "medicine" or "vikamns," because we had to explain that he can only have two each night since they have a measured amount of vitamins in them. If he eats too many, he might get sick.

Try holding back a 3 year old from chowing down on gummy bears.

Try holding back a 42 year old from chowing down on gummy bears. (not ME -- I'm still 41!)

Neither task is pretty.

Man those things are yummy.

This past weekend, we ran out. I was incredibly busy putting together a party for about 30 people, and just didn't have time to run to Costco to get another bottle. And Hunter? He threw a FIT. He wanted HIS VIKAMNS.

So we did the next best thing.

We lied to our son.

And now we're both going to hell in a hand basket.

What has this world come to?

We gave him two fruit chews with no vitamin value in them whatsoever and told him they were "different vitamins."

And he bought it hook, line and sinker.

Then we did it the next night

And we'll have to do it again tonight because I haven't made it out to Costco yet

I'm carrying the weight of the world in guilt on my shoulders, folks. I'm a rotten, lying momma.

A rotten, lying, fake-vitamin-pushing momma who's got her son addicted to them like crack.


Susanne said...

Ack, parents can't win. Ya feel guilty for forcing them to take yucky medicine or vitamins when they hate it and you feel guilty for getting them ones that taste great and they think can be doled out like candy and heaven help you if you run out. Hope you can make a Costco run soon! :v)

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

That's good that he likes his vikamins! I'd keep them up high so he doesn't "O D" on them. :)

Pam said...

"Addicted to them like crack" . . . and I almost wet my pants. Ha!!! Don't worry. He won't need counseling over the fake "vikamns." Now, if only they made gummy vitamins for grown ups. Stop eating Hunter's vikamns!!!! Love your posts, friend. You always make me smile.

Donna Q said...

You crack me up... I forgot to bring you my bottle of kids vitamins last night. I'll try to remember next week since we won't be here on Sunday. Guess you'll have to keep lying till then - because you'd be insane to go to Costco this weekend. They do sell them at Target ya know...

And a note to Pam - they DO make gummy vitamins for adults JUST as yummy - JUST as hard to eat just two!!

LvlyRita said...

plan on confessing when he's 20. at least it'll help with the guilty conscience :)

Barb said...

Trust me when I tell you that this won't be the last time you tell a "lie." And trust me when I tell you, it's OK. LOL

Melissa said...

My kids love these as well and they are the only ones they will take. I typically buy two bottles at a time since I have 3 kids to feed to each day. Good luck on the guilt...been there, done that! We are only human and are parents...what else can I say.